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P Dice - Aggravated lyrics

[Verse 1]
Already knew what it was soon as she hit me
Like man, I already know what it was
If I don't answer the phone, it's going down
You know it's going down, you know it's going down
So, I answered the phone and then she ripped me
Man, I answered the phone and she went off
Said I been creeping and yeah she found out
Yeah she found out, yeah she found out
You distracting me from what I need to do girl
You distracting me from what I need to do
In other words, you hurting my change
Hurting my change, hurting my change
If you keep this sh** up, I'm gon need a new girl
Yeah, I think I might just need me something new
Cause you really be irking my brain
Irking my brain, irking my brain

I ain't tryna fight
Girl, I'm just tryna chill, get at this cake yeah (tryna chill)
I'm just living my life
So tell me why you wanna aggravate me
Why you wanna aggravate me? Why you wanna aggravate me?
Why you wanna aggravate me? Why you wanna aggravate me?

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[Verse 2]
But, she got that ill s**, but she got that ill s**
Man, I know you feel that, I'm real stressed
Shawty got me real stressed; I ain't hit my grill yet
Girl, stop it; this is not the topic
Cook me up a hot dish with cheese, eggs
And a little hot grits, I done get the squad, miss
Feening, hop up off of my dick
Let me see ‘bout my chips; I'm mean now
Know you want the fly sh**, know you want the hot sh**
From me man, acting like a psycho
f**ing up the cycle, don't need that
Baby that's iight though; hop up in my white Rove
And lean back and let the tip of the L steam
Til you see my life, you don't know what hell means
She tripping; she wild hype, Keisha and Bailey
These b**hes be wild dice; you don't know what they tell me
The nerve of them hoes
Stupid rumors that you heard from them hoes
You keep smoking what you heard from them hoes
I'ma leave you on the curb with them hoes


Aggravate me (why you wanna) Aggravate meeeee (6x)

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