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P Dap - Hit 'Em Up lyrics

Yeah, who that?
Yeah, yo, whattup, yeah
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yo, yo, yo

P to the Dap, my brothers, start soloist
Situate the jump-off, anything appropriate
See me on a hump, I like weed with the coke in it
From Wichita down to Queens, fella controllin it
Holdin it, get what I'm supposed to get
Check out to check a lot of hoes in it, add another O in it
Up to par a n***a loves gleams with the glow in it
Twenties on the Caddy truck, ask me how I pose in it
Ride past Jake, doin 80 in the rain, pah
Stupid n***a follow me, now we in the graveyard
Send dogs to sniff paraphenelli
I send 'em back stiffer than notes special delivery
Slick City, hawk made, n***a made history
Sawdy(?) on the sack, got the Monica Lewinsky look
A legend even in Sicily, sh** I'm on
Got the Feds really wanna into me? Never that

[Chorus 2X: P-Dap]
(NOW) I'ma hit 'em up, (NOW) lay 'em down flat
(RIGHT NOW) what I'm talkin bout, (BLOW BLOW BLOW) take that
(ONE) for the hell of it, (TWO) that's a definite
(THREE) better give it up, (FOUR) how I hit 'em up

[50 Cent]
n***as be shootin just to be shootin, I ain't with that
I leave you tongue-kissin my mack, I push your sh** back
Ferrari F-50 jet black, I'm 'bout to get that
Ladies love L.L. but they let me hit that
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Is it the way I look? Or is it the way I spit that?
That got these high-cla** hoes wanna come and chit-chat
Split the paper 50/50? Yeah I'm with that
But when I rob yo' a** you can't get your sh** back
Either I'm ahead of my time or y'all n***as behind
sh** I'm gettin hotter and hotter, when I rhyme
50 Cent, southside, n***as know how I rock
I post up on your block with the Glock like a beat-walker cop
One n***a stunt? One n***a shot
One G in your bank? I got that stock
n***as go against the grain that, f** is they thinkin?
I'm bout to jump-start a head open to see what they thinkin, c'mon


[Pretty Ugly]
In all sides, at the five, I'm tryin to survive
You get cooked alive and dropped off on Kelly Drive
My squad's elite, a dozen deep hold heat
I'm the board of beat, big like Shanique from up the street
Now after dark, the sh** starts, I plays my part
I see the NARCs stash my coat then hit the park
Don't wanna get knocked, for sixty rocks in a sock
You know the ghetto's red hot, gots to shot that on my block
I keep it strictly business, it's unfinished if there's a witness
I take it personal when b**h-a** n***as start to snitchin
That sh** gets me flamin, what these n***as think they gamin?
Nothin but this four 24 aimin
West Philly's where I got my trainin
I represent the 6 like I'm Damien, it ain't nothin changin
Only way y'all hot if y'all sound like Jay
Or somebody from around my way, Philly Philly


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