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P-BLOKE - Fight in the club lyrics

Yeah(ya no wat it is)
Straight down 4rm obris city
Mr p-bloke, enddi I got u on dis on
Let's go
I've been searching 4 this girl
I get into a fight, and this is a fight 4 true love
I'l been runin around the world
Looking 4 u girl, I get into a fight in the club
Fight in the club(3x)
We fighter 4 our right
Anytime that I see u girl
I ask who's up in the club
U roll ur body in the center pole
And twist ur body in the club
I wonder how 2 get close 2 u
Tryin all my best 2 make u mine
But girl u try 2 act hard 2 get
But my man think u're joke
See is believing, nothing stil do me
U stil fil my efficy, my chizzy
Straight from obristown
We got the swager,4 all my maga
Any where we go, we stil they show
Our lighter
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Straight from obristown
Back 2 port Harcourt,Lagos,Kano
Uk and europ
From where we dey we dey make this happy, this is our fundamental right
Repeat Chorus

Michael tyson,yeah I got my globes on
Yeah I got my shoe on and I got my swagga on
So put it on like I'm a switch on d wall
Nd I turns on wit my dougs in d club
I'm like a tym bomb, place on d wall
Its tym for me to blow up I mean
Double up
I'm da big black stain on ur wall
Nd u can't do sh** without staring on
Its world war 3 in d club
Starin @ d chick I'm wit in club
Act on strong well I no u are dumb
Ya in d club its gonna be...
Baby I'm soldier, ready 2 go to a war
Fight for true love,cos ur love is right
How funny is d fight,I put it inside my heart
I dey feel u everyday, ur smile got me tripping
Repeat chorus till fade...

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