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Wuuu yeah
Yo already no me
I got lanky on the mix
Yeah Yeah lego

Wake up this morning feeling like another me
Praying, singing, talk about d lost soul
Cos I win soul more Dan I sold record
Yo unbelievers lost ur soul to devil
If u don't believe in God, oboy u are on a long tin, stop all dis frontins , d devil we give u nothing...
God over money...yea I got some
Put on God swag got d ladies tripping
Why u tripping
Are u aching?
Start bouncing to d rhythm
Don't ever get confusing
Why u trying to give up easy
U no d truth, in his word
Get ur faith high, swag like a winner
Lights on head down...
Move like a soldier...
Walk straight get ur swag on
We're god chosen one
Put on God Armour & d devil got to bounce
Put ur hope in him and he'll Neva let u down

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Put a little style on ur christian swag 2x

Rap. 2
U no we got it, we got it going
Christian rhyme, just keep on dancing
It only take God vision to visualized ur mission
Ain't noting like Christian rhyme
In d church we party all nite
Step in we got d light
Spreading d gospel all around d world
I represent God people
In da image of his face
On d Street we spread d word
We just cut off on d world of sinners
I got to testify da goodness of da lord
Its him DAT fill me up
And let me overflow
Am a living testimony
Glory glory to Jehovah
Who never let me down
Or Fall on my track

Interlude by pastor Chris...
Train this mind to think, if you are a musician
Be a musician with a different, become inspiring...
Ye ye ye...

Repeat chorus###

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