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P. Blackk - Black Jesus lyrics

Rap Genius
Some nights I bow my head and I pray to black jesus
I know if he existed he would be black and a woman
I say the things you wish you could've thought but couldn't
Hip hop until I drop it's all real even though I'm getting props get it
Ya'll deal with the impostors and the flops
A yo this beat is about as smooth as my pops
You getting god
He's the greatest I'm the greatest at least
I used to pray I make it; now I pray that I find peace
And spray it like Athese ?
And all the chaos would be ceased
Maybe a couple homies wouldn't be deceased yet
You think I'm too deep I ain't get my feet wet
When do we confuse a sweet check for respect
All the real gs know knowledge is power
All the real blacks know the world was initially ours


How's his girlfriend Polish but they call him pro black
You know love ain't got no color my g know that
Known to drop j**els so fools can hold that
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Born in ? New Jersey the projects
And f** all y'all the f** do you think y'all are
I cut all ya'll for the fact that you are subpar
But you carry yourself as above average
f** that sh** I'm underground but over y'all heads I'm in the attic
Mathematics no relaxing fifth savage
Mismatching socks sketching out animatics
Selling art, smelling farts throwing darts
At any s**as dissing the fam because that's my heart yo
I'm bout my business doing yoga
Going the distance
Doing rap on the back burner
This sh** is losing my interest
I done flipped more tracks than an olympic gymnast
Man I'm like popeye on spinach
I ain't done yet
Balling when I got my refund check
Rise at night watch the sun rise while the sun sets
Somebody like me would probably be a major upset
I ain't fully begun what I become to become yet
Solo dolo
Pyramid ring behind cholo
Get my soul cleansed because you know yolo
I break mice like atoms

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