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P. Blackk - Church lyrics

[Intro Fabrashay A]
It's pastor Fab f**in' with yall n***as right now
Come one, come all get your soul cleansed, my n***a by some of this real lyrical gospel you feel me
None of that [prethro?] dollar sh**
As we recall you whack n***as and sh**, you n***as [prethro?]
f**in' up the gospel, my n***a

[Verse 1 P. Blackk]
Most of yall been sleeping, I believe in yall though
The devil is a liar put a demon on swoll'. [[[[even/ he think /even god???]]]
I'm from America I get my treason on though
I'm reaching for the sky with these feeble arms
And ain't no need to be alarmed, cause I don't even need alarms bro
I'm always up and ready for whatever
When I be dreaming I be seeing with my eyes closed
That means I don't miss nothing
And I keep it at a hundred
No body guard I keep a couple deacons at shows
I'm feeling like a preacher that be reaching yall souls'
Except I'm not trying to steal them, only if I feel them I'm going to take them
You'll be at every show I be making
My mind is spacious I got plenty of ideas
And I feel like the world is mine for the taking
Forget the pigs, I can't mess around with no bacon
I ain't no m**m but [A-asislyum lakim?]
You shouldn't try at rhyming I bet you wouldn't make it
I bet you would give up before you could fail with the [boy?] that you're making
Now watch a young brother take it .... To church

[Verse 2 P. Blackk]
Yo, praise the lord and pa** the ammunition
A trill young mind at work, ready to unwind
Just knowing that I bust rhymes is church
Your heart ain't fit for that front line
Your eyes can't see the bigger picture so I gotta make sure you hear it
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The [[b...???]] the dialog the rhyming god
The flows I kick will take out an entire squad
So f** you and the paper that you're rhyming on
If you don't stand for nothing what the hell could you be dying for
Nothing ... Get it? So go and stand for something
A starving artist makes you feel it in your stomach still
You could be whatever you want if you want it
Young and shooting game, still I'm gunning for a hundred mil'
And I work like I ain't eat in weeks
You know the difference between counting and leading sheep, right?
I could get an ego but I stay humble because I know the earth shall soon be inherited by the [meek?] right
And I ain't the type to turn the other cheek
And I ain't talking a men when I pray on the weak
And yall should know I don't believe in sleep so then the only time I rest is when I rest in peace

[Verse 3 Fabrashay A]
I swear that some days I start to feel [a/ the?] holy spirit
Got body raps that make the devil start to fear it
You n***as hardly rap, godly flow so you can miss me with them [gaudy?] raps
Speaking in tongues, I'm spreading the gospel in it's Pontiac
Feeling reborn I ain't knowing my genesis and d**h to my nemesis
Reading the book of genesis, beginning at chapter six
Trying to see the bigger picture, I know there's got to be something that happens after this
Life; so I got to live this right
Screaming YOLO; you can't live this twice
Bear witness, I'm just painting the picture
You got to respect the poet's art
Been known to go dumb but know that Joe's smart
Momma ain't raise no fool, so when I brain storm
Can't nobody be saved
The great flood of Noah's Ark
And I don't trust nobody no more
n***as stay scheming I'm seeing nobody is pure not even me
So I burn bridges, I can't walk on water so I learned to part rivers

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