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P. Blackk - Beautiful lyrics

I say got love for the folks that show me love
Same for the folks that show me different
I love all the folks that ain't heard of me yet
Because I know they love if they just give a listen
I'm just a young man on his pivot riding around the city gathering reasons for living
Now everything I got I give it back
The devil tempts but [[we are/ all??]] God's children
For ashiest; we at least the same being
I know Milkshake watching even though I can't see him
I know [dotta?] [there?] fighting all of my demons
So act like whoever you want you won't be him
A [conflict?] man enjoys all the simple sh**
I can't do it if I ain't feeling it
I know my generation lacks leadership
Just because you're grown don't let them take your innocence

You're beautiful...[x7]

[Verse 2]
Listen beautiful... Uhh, why do you hate you?
Button up your shirt I know dudes like the view but they don't appreciate you for you
And yea they might love your for the night miss, but
I promise you they wouldn't want to date you it's true
[[They going to see their ain't no future in it??]]
'Cause they act where they want to finish; right at [the beginning?]
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Get it? So slow it down, zip it up when you with him
Show your worth, got to make him work if he want up in it
I know too many girls that be looking for love; who told you that you find it in the club?
Huh? Who told you if you let somebody f** that eventually he'll start to fall in love with you?
So I'm just saying you going to get what you put out so don't put out too much too soon or get put down
Yeah, that's why myself and my homies we only be respecting girls who respect themselves only

[Hook x7]

[Verse 2]
Some girls can be deceiving, you don't love them and leave them
But they keep leaving you it's unbelievable
You got to stop putting your trust in these bust-downs
'Cause all they do is bust in and leave your heart bust down
And to my homie chasing the chick, and always paying for sh** and she ain't gave you no sh**
In return I've got to let you know she playing you [cent?]
You chasing a love and soon you'll see her love don't exist
So don't nothing except you and rep you
Until everybody respect you
Unless you ain't got respect for yourself meaning you'll never ever get it from nobody else
That's including me it's out of my nature for me not to stay true to me
You could [[get your money up but I can tell your smile is free??]]
And I knew that for a while my G
Follow your heart because that's when you're truly free

[Hook x7]

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