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P. Blackk - ...And Then Some lyrics

Ay yo, my momma always said that I be [that?] n-dog
[[[We??]] all, see all there be ups and downs like a see-saw???]
I ain't trying to defeat yall, you ain't worth the data [log?]
I got angels on reserve; watch, as the demons scatter yo
I love this sh** but I pretend it doesn't matter
Can I grow as a man and have my pockets get fatter?
I'm on my grind, I'm on my grind I say that all the time it's got me out my mind
I'm [neo-knowing?] he's the one
You the Moon without the Sun
Can't shine you ain't [enlightened?]
You started when you were done
Started with a finish and begun with an ending
Your worth is about the quarter of the worth of your pendent
Everyday is like a gift that's why they call it the present
A blessing I find beauty in the usual
[[The dicotamy??]] [of me?] honestly is groovy and goofy
Sue me, you do you and I'mma do me
I got creative control of my soul
Keeping it cold in the spot
[Hi?] [as pyro?]
They say drive slow I say I know
And then ....(skeeeert!)
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Away I go, and I'm gone
Go tell my momma I love her because she beautiful
Go tell my brother because he beautiful
Go tell my papa I love him because he beautiful
Go tell my homies I love them

[Verse 2]
Yo, me and [meko?] we like the same n***a
Me and T-Mac finna' be great straight lane switching
My n***a [spa?] could be in the next olympics
The city is [dark?] you gotta love my n***as' vision
Yo, [?] bow-ties and sh**
Always got on that 'oh, where you find this sh**?'
I been trying for a while to touch the sky with this
And gotta get high to realize that I'm the sh**
But I'm rambling, but my fam and friends are the reason why I can't say my life's a b**h
It's been a slow grind like a dance hall song
But it's alright until it goes all wrong
If I go from wanting to give n***as hope, to taking all the dough
For [[getting rich folks that's naked underneath those pricey clothes?]]
That's when I loss but I'm finna win
Gotta pay the cost to be the boss so let's get it in
A yo, you're beautiful yea (uh, word) say, you're beautiful
I love yall

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