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P. Blackk - 2MPH lyrics

[Verse P. Blackk]
This is dedicated to my n***as and my n***a'rettes
All my nonbelievers and my haters, do you feel me yet?
Respect it, or reject it return it but say you kept it
I take that to the heart, because I got my heart invested
P. Blackk, no question, trying to gain credentials off instrumentals
And raise your mentals', because I meant to
I only click-clack mechanical pencils
Dig...that, point five, to be exact
Who believed that little n***a putting his city on the map
From the 'C', 'O', and I be so on-time [and on the grind?] for my people
n***as from the [front-lines?], to the streets...
Know there's from the [grind?] and feeble... minds
I be grinding everyday, and I know timing's everything
I got a lot up on my mind but I know I got to wait
For my time when it comes, I'm going to rhyme on everything
Until I'm out of rhymes, n***as out of sight and out of mind
Well, I'm out my mind... and a n***a down for anything
Except for settling, you know the rest

Riding and rolling, rolling and riding
Homie, drive slow so they can see that brother driving
Driving (driving), driving (driving), driving (driving)

[Verse 2]
It's like every dude on the come-up trying to get them props
This sh** is life so I don't grind, I just live a lot
Mad flows running through my brain, kush in my veins
In my lane, never change like a n***a homeless I notice
[Novice [rappers] is [chickens] thats boneless?]
Osmosis Jones sh**, I'm in this like a phone booth
So true, spit [soul food?]
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[That make my soul ooze, on the track
Like they're is a leak in it, but it's whole proof
Cold dude, when I write tight it's fat???]
I'm trying to break bread like white light refract
Nice with raps, uh the whole cypher go so liver
When I go fire off the dome I'm ghost-rider
Got a [dump a magazine at a magazine for a write up
Nowadays remember when I first pick that mike up
So amazed, so much love in my heart
But the world keep it contained
Cause it's rough and it's tough
[But I remain just riding???]]

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I've got dreams of pushing a cream Porsche
Lexus, [Timb-sportin'?]
But f** it my name's worth a framed portrait
Of the Mona Lisa
n***a consider me with dreams that's going to be too much to grasp
So work I put in too much for cla**
n***a f** it, money got a n***a rugged trying not to [skip the hustle??]
Living on a f**ing budget, got me so disgusted
But I be back though, pulling up in the black Ac' though
Dreams of a n***a flourishing mad dough, sporing mad [lough?]
Who hopping out of that casino with cash-flow ??
I'm trying to get back to a cast, tired of being broke
Hoping that chasing all this cash don't make a n***a go before I'm 'sposed to
I told n***as, don't compare me to you old n***as
Unless you talking about an old n***a with gold n***a
[For rolling?]

[Hook x2]

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