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P. Blackk - Brainz lyrics

[Verse P. Blackk]
You wanna gold chain and a beeper? I see you only loving Sophia
Life's all about sneakers, but you gotta go deeper
Find someone that loves you for you and never for what you do
Fool, now what you know about that
A while back I thought I found white for black
Yup, but we still on fire G
Black king ant on my arm; I've got Ivory
I'm priceless; ain't no selling or buying me
You watching BET everyday who you trying to me
If you can't get a job, try to job a lease
Gain some property forget about the lottery
A couple labels thinking about signing me
I'm hate to say this is a hobby until I graduate
Boombastic, can't take to the ma**es
Never will I put my eggs in one basket
You so average, my soul cla**ic
Afrocentric --black fist, soul clapping
I'm finna say what I'm finna say
My people need liberation
And never will I integrate

Real n***a with a brain
Real n***a with a brain
Real n***a with a brain
Real n***a with a brain
Real n***a with a brain
Real n***a with a brain
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[Verse P. Blackk]
It's funny how we love chains and whips
When we were bound by them
And we hate rock n' roll and it was found by us
You can't hate what's beautiful I'm black and I'm proud
But that ain't got nothing to do with my pants sagging down
Society is pimping you, I'm just a man who's a little more sensible
I used to be invisible; now I'm invincible
And I'm doing my thing in a game with no principles
Knowledge and power all I need, yeah that will do
Difference between me and my peers is gratitude
Youngins' is dumb too
They too cool but it's uncool living in a city that's gun rude
The schools lack funds too
So we grind hard
I was told my future's either d**h, or behind bars
So how else can I remind when I'm king but they play me for a pawn
But I'm strong; P. Blackk, leader of packs
My raps guillotine
Weak emcees sending them back to where they came from
I'm starring rappers down like I ain't one
Spitting flames hit the stage and get my insane on
It is what it is, I'm gonna handle biz
If you clubbing every night, take care of your kids
I spit it hard so you feel my pain
American is afraid of a real n***a with a brain


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