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P. Blackk - Blackk Friday lyrics

Uh, mm
Blackk Friday
Word..? Word

[Verse 1]
I used to give a f**
Now I give a f** less
I know d**h
I ain't never met success
I know pain, mishaps, and upsets
Small group of friends
A big one's too much stress
I grew up having a mind of my own
So me doing what you think is unlikely
Most of the time I prefer to be alone
So don't compare me, there ain't none like me
So don't waste your time
And your breath
Tryna find who I'm like cause I'm the best
I don't care for co-sign
I hold it all in then leave my whole mind
And I go in, the whole time
I'm all in it
All of this is fate
Never been fake
And all of this is great
Come find me
Blackk, I'm going out of my mind, don't mind me

[Verse 2]
Uh, sometimes I feel like, dying
Sometimes I feel like, is this real life?
And why am I even, trying?
Am I living or am I frying?
My mind is why I don't really speak
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Cause outside of my music, I would probably be a freak
I would be unaccepted
Yeah, now I'm that n***a you shouldn't mess with
Now I'm that n***a that you should hit up
Asking about a feature and see how much it hit for
Sleep on me, see how much I get done
Fell down, see how much I get up
I'm a survivor, been that, been Blackk
Since I opened my eyelids way back as an infant
Huh, can I get a witness?
Nah n***a, mind yo business
Constant contradiction

[Verse 3]
Uh, all I see is momma's dying, babies crying
MTV desensitizes, losing my faith in Zion
Nobody to confide in
Osama's d**h is the only thing that unifies us
Gas prices rising, government always lying
The truth keeps on hiding
The noose is one-sided
My peers' close minded
My fears know where I am
Everyone swears that they're a star
Then lose sight of what they're here for
Everybody's frying
But we all fighting
I just keep on writing
Yeah, I'm young but my mind old
What your beliefs in?
And are you willing to die for them?
I am
Man, the world is an eyesore
And the world got my soul, dying
But I never lose, I'm all triumph
If I had things my way
The world would be a better place
And every day would be a Blackk Friday

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