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P. Blackk - Bad Gamble lyrics

Got a lot riding on this
I got to make it
Got a lot riding on this
If it's not given to me I gotta take it
Got a lot riding on this
And I could never fake it

[Verse P. Blackk]
I ain't got time for all that shuckin & jivin'
People fronting on me I put that fronting behind them
It's all from my heart and soul
I got soul and heart going off ain't got time for weak rhymin'
I'm going hard
Ain't got time for punchlines
That sh** weak
Since I was piss poor, been sending emcees up sh**s creek
You feel me?
When I was 8, I had sixteens
I was cocky since sixteen
'Cause I was nice since fifteen
Now that's a young age to be stunting on them
But I was rapping about things I couldn't stomach hommie
Like k**ing folks, and selling d** and k**ing hoes
I'm glad my momma found all my rhymes under my clothes
Then one afternoon when I came back from school
At sixteen it's funny what a spanking could do
I stopped cussing
A month later I started bustin'
[Then?] Fly Union, a year later and starting buzzing
Then I dropped come clean with the hommie Wii
Which was at first, for his CD
I lost sight of the fact that god made me to shine
And I really hate the athiest lines so please forgive me
Keep f**ing with me
I'm getting in touch with myself and keeping in touch
With those who have been f**ing with me, from the beginning
These losers mad 'cause I'm winning
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And I'm taking all my close ones with me


[Verse P. Blackk]
I'm kind of shy, don't take my shyness for rudeness
Because when y'all show love that's more reason to do this
And I does this, it's not 'cause I have to
It's 'cause I'm glad to
I swear music be like fast food
I'm take my time the righteous path in front of me
And I was born to shine
My stars are aligned
Don't make rapper fat food my mind is only mine
And no one else can possess it
And if I'm not saying what's on it
That's like taboo
I give my life away for [dees?] if I had to
I'm allergic to peanuts, almonds and cashews
s**ers, busters, hoes saying they know me
I don't know you mother f**ers
n***as saying they know me
I don't know you mother f**ers
As far as I'm concerned ya'll some blood s**ers
Who you trying to be? I'm trying to be myself and only me
So you phony to me
I ain't no pimp, I ain't no player I ain't indie
I ain't major
I ain't stuck on keeping it too 'G'
I tell you what I am; I'm a man who that can fall where I stand
Living with the decisions I maybe and maybe
That'll hurt me in the long run
But at least I got to do what I want
And I wouldn't do it different
n***a, are you hearing or are you listening?
There's a difference


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