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P. Blackk - Anim Blakyaw lyrics

My pocket's on bulge
My writer finger itching like my balls
Knowledge is key, word to Kids In The Hall
[All?] boy, I'm a 'G' and on the M.I.C
I'm N.I.C.E
I'm nice, put your flow on ice --I'm cold
You living too fast, put a slow on your life
Let's get poured up, nah not really
I don't smoke or drink but I'm illy
[Fool?] what the dealy, I've got the Grey Poupon
You been warned, I just started and n***as is well... [done?]
Filet Mignon
I hit up D everyday like [where/ when?] we on?
He say 'word' thumbs up, then I'm gone
Look, I'm gone in another zone if you ain't about your biz
Leave a brother alone
It's always sunny homes, and I always spit it from my stomach
Starving artist make you feel it in your gut
I don't do much
I be in the cut with my dogs
What I look like chilling with you muts
Nice clothes, I hope you've got better luck
Cause nowadays I don't really give a f**
What, you going to need some parental advisory
I got low exposure but there ain't no disguising me

It's 'P.' 'B'
To the 'L', 'A', 'C' to the 'K' 'K'
'B', to the 'L' 'A'
'C', to the 'K' 'K'
'P.' 'B'
To the 'L', 'A', 'C' to the 'K' 'K'
'B', to the 'L' 'A'
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'C', to the 'K' 'K'
And I'm black ya'll, and I'm black ya'll
And I'm black ya'll, and I'm black ya'll
And I'm black ya'll, and I'm black ya'll
And I'm black ya'll, and I'm black ya'll
Cause I'm black ya'll

[Verse 2]
I just keep it 'G', you just want to see me F'd
So I've got to pray for you, like DMX
And I never show love to the hateful
Although I'm grateful because they see my potential
Momma said that's what they hate for
To stop me your best bet would be to smoke dro
And k** me you better hope so
So put pay on your [payro?]
Without me you moving in slow-mo
Upper echelon I kick it, and I got kicks like a dojo
You feel me? Trends are a no-no
[No?], follow your own rules
Instead of bugging out, I vent on these Pro Tools
I'm on my own fool...
Born alone, die alone
Grind alone, shine alone
Now you mother f**ers see what I am on
I'm just chilling, sipping an Arizon', in my zone
Got a couple singles out, my mixtape [very boss/ Barry Bonds?]
And I knock them out the box, Rick
And you don't walk tall, you just talk slick
And you don't walk like you talk, you just talk sh**
And you ain't a boss, you just boss' b**h
Secretary, I'm legendary you 2nd like February
I'm done


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