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P. Blackk - All lyrics

[Verse P. Blackk]
I'm going 90 on the highway
99 problems on my mind I just wanna see my grandma
But I can't
And I pray, every night for my sins, my sins, my sins my sins my sins
'Cause I ain't saint and I ain't who who I wanna be
But I ain't you so I can't be who I ain't fool
I could try but it ain't true
Not an angel
No halo
I ain't got that, but I'm about to spread my wings and live this life right 'cause there ain't no round two
I found who, I thought, I could spend the rest of my life with
But I'm young and I liked it
Thought I could've put a ring on it
Well, I was on it it felt special
Me and D were at the threshold of manhood doing everything that my old man should
And I'm damn good, I spit fool
I'm saying sh** that I meant to
You got an issue?
Well too bad, go get a tissue
Is it you with it? If you ain't
Either way we're going to ball
Get with it or get lost
'Cause I want it all
(Cause I want it all, 'cause I want it all, 'cause I want it all
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'cause I want it all 'cause I want it all 'cause I want it all all)

[Verse P. Blackk]
See, everything ain't right
[Nor the color in my name???]
There's some things that you won't accept, and you can't change
Like a phone call, my grandma died pa**ed away
So tomorrow is what really only gets me through the day
And if there was a cost for heaven you would spend it on a chain
My god and my fam is what really keeps me [sane?]
Just another day in the mind of the life of a n***a that's [shy?] but [?] of the light
Once upon a time I was scared of the mike
More scared of [?] might even happen that night
If I ain't take the chance
My other grandma had a stroke
We used to dance
My momma keeps on getting answers
Hella questions no questions
I wanna stop and freelance
But, but that's not what my fam' wants
So I man up, tighten my shoes and pull my pants up
Is you with it? If you ain't
Either way I'm a ball


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