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P. Blackk - Bussin' Rhymes lyrics

It's wack, cause my cool is uncool
A young black hooligan
Who know what to do with him
From Columbus, what it do?
It is what it is if you 'member what I do
It won't be the same as what I do, you dig?
I bet I'm fresher than whoever relevant to you
And D said make that times two
So n***as know we in the house
Fresh out your mother's, turned around
Just to boast up on your couch
What you on? What you 'bout?
You ain't know? You ain't hurting nothing
I advise you to do nothing rile boy
I ain't with the running
I'm a stand up guy but you funny
Fools don't understand that I'm outstanding, money
And I'm on the route to make that outlandish money
Without selling out before it's sunny
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So tell me why I carry rap like an accident dummy
And the torch, n***as pa**ing it to me
So if it's rap that you want, hit me up cause I do that
P. Negro. n***as egos? I see through that
I'm ill though
It's Mr. Spit What n***as Spill though
For real, though
And you ain't gotta smoke the field dro
And so when I got flip-flops and socks with it
I'm getting lifted, no weed, pun intended
Could never be known as that engine that couldn't
And didn't but always talked like he would, my n***a
My potential is endless, see I ain't playing
About to get my run on, incomplete sentence
And I'm running for Senate, I'm Paul Lan
Common sense meets Ice Cube meets John Lennon
And I'm all of that mixed, they're like, "wait
Is skinny n***a is the one with all our favorite rap hits?"
I'm like R&B, Hip-hop in a track mixed, with a Haitian twist
My name is P. Blackk, b**h

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