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P. Blackk - Bussin' Rhymes II lyrics

My mama already told me so I know I'm handsome (Yup)
So if I'm getting turned down, I'm throwing tantrums
It's Gemini but the flow is Cancer, and money's my anthem
So I ain't stopping 'til my wallet's like George Costanza's
Please believe that
I kick ill sh** that'll get you higher than weed rap
Somebody ask me "P, where you be at?"
I be on chill my ninja taking a wee nap
Uh-huh, now lean back, you can all relax
I got it all under control
I feel a hundred years old
Shouts out to the rappers that's on
I'd rather be overrated than underexposed
And babe, I'd really rather see what's under your clothes
Woah, at ease. I expose wack tracks like bad weaves
Mine on a cash cream, my n***as is athletes
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The way I chase dreams I belong on a track meet
That's too easy make that triathlon
In a marathon, I am Louis Vuitton (?)
Meets Louis Farrakhan, and Louis Armstrong
And just for kicks just a bit little pinch of the pimp magic Don Juan
I'm past (?) and I'm on it
And oh you should try and hide
That's a forewarning cause I'm giving rappers cyanide
Or I chloroform it, I put you n***as to sleep
You weak, you ain't screet
Fan, your heart pump kool-aid, sweet
My G, you've been a rapper for about a week
So quit trying to compare your fresh a** to me
You're fresh meat, your raps is my pet peeve
And next week I'm sure you'll find something else to do
I'ma make sure the rest of this year's hell for you

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