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P. A. Blas - "love The Words They Write" lyrics

We word and reword our emotions like clockwork and they say yes, or no to them.
Letting evil thoughts control the book of love is what we can never ever do,
Poetic justice is first and they are second even if they say they are right cause a letter just isnt right Chorus:
Love the words they write
Take the lines they recite
Relieve the gain of might
Make justice only bright They always seem to have perfect words and we never seem to pa**,
There is doubt in everything we read about what they say about themselves
Trusting who they are is not enough cause knowing it is seeing it,
We are slaves to their faraway-eyes Chorus:
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Love the words they like
Trust the lines they recite
Believe the pain of might
Make justice only right Again and again, tweeting about how they were about good words never was what we joined hands about in the first place;
Were going to see them through this time
We considered sharing good words again even if they struck us hard,
Feeling like getting together, again the door was opened for another look Chorus:
Love the words they write
Recite the lines they trust
Relieve the pain of might
Take justice thats right

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