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P-90 Smooth - THE RIDE-freestyle lyrics

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Okay heres the whole verse translated for you.........i am p90. im in a gang obh until im deceased.rappers I respect have used this beat,so I will.I am the proprietor of a succesful crackhouse. that is made apparent due to the smell.the customers buy toy mini roses for the tube and throw away the toy rose. I have trafficed an entire Kilo using two women as mules. I never wanted a day job, it didn't appear to be the path to a kid the murder rate was conducive to illicit gains.however I had to go into manufacturing because I was repeatedly being ripped off with gnc products.i was once ripped off for $8000 now I am less concerned with my hair and more with the quality and purity of our product.i own a 9mm that hold 32 rounds and police watch us though I doubt their im the ceo and I micromanage to use winning strategies. since revenue peaks at night I can usually make 3 thousand dollars from 62.5 grams of crack. We shoot more people than our competition which I a**ociate with our love for alcohol.i have a keen eye for young talent and recruit often.since we get pure product from people in the country illegaly we can usually bind it with sodium bicarbonate doubling often tripling its value using common household items like visionware pans.i stir it briskly reminding me of boxing.i got so good at cooking I needed even less utensilts than im so successful I would give you some product on consignment. in one week I went from 500 to five thousand dollars and the next week made 13000 more reinvesting it I sell 62 grams for 2500 dollars.most drug dealers sleep more than me.i am always working and a**ociating with my emloyees

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