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P-90 Smooth - Take U Back to Da Crate lyrics

It's like
Why me my n***as never grow up with a silver spoon
Why me my n***as ain't college grads and sh**
Know what I'm saying
It's all good
I love this life
I would never turn back on this life
I'm committed to this life
You know
You know what I'm saying?

[Verse 2]
I ain't here to debate
I'm here to take you back to the crate
When we played ball and shared everything that we ate
When one n***a had his heart full of hate
Knocking his style
Something missing when that kid was around
But that was your man
And you gave him a hand
And you showed him a brick
Now he's ready to snitch

[Verse 3]
You raised that b**h
Took care of the broad
She cried
You gave her your sholder
Then she got a little older
Had a couple of kids
You got knocked
You had to stay for a bit
n***as own your crib
Your son watching cartoon while they give that n***a head
Show me some love
Give me a hug

[Verse 4]
For you, I'd shade blood
I'd do whatever for you
You was f**ed up
I'd break down cheder for you
But whathu doing for me
Can you turn that M upside down and just do it for we
Or do it for us
n***a all we ask is your trust
That's the song we sing or you get left in the dust

[Verse 5]
You know what happened to my little n***a Snab
He caught a n***a sleepin
Put something in his mug
I'm in fright
I think about this sh** everyday
But I still sell Yay
I still gatta pump
See young caught three f**ing bodies in a month

[Verse 6]
But what about Pats
I wish I could bring her back
Buy her life
What's the price
I'm f**ed up in the head
Everytime I see my n***a Nice
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It's like Salim still driving that truck
Malid the block
He's in my ear grinding me up
He said we walkin down the same path
He said we getting at the same mud
But why I can't stack it

[Verse 7]
It's a bumpy road
I gatta slow my road
You will crash when you drive fast
Stack dope when you drive slow
So just live your life
I'm in the kitchen
Gat the pot
About to spin that white
I'm about to bake whip it
All the fiends say it taste different
But they still cope it
I need all profit

[Verse 8]
Tone Black got k**ed in the hills
So you know
This is our project
This is our project
My weight strapped with a large object
You dead when the Chrome clap you
f** your kid
We'll grownap ya
Make your n***as come pay your beam
If not we gonna spray your team
Better yet, we come snatch your seed
Now that's a kidnapping

[Verse 9]
Watching football
Beer cracking
One day I'mma make it rapping
Till then, I'm gonna keep trapping
f** a record lable

[Verse 10]
I put my life on the line
What do you bring to this table
Not a fork nor napkin
We in the van, all strapped in
We about to rise something
Pick d**h if you rely of somethin
Don't truck, but don't cry on nothin
Just get revenge
Some n***as go crazy, k** their friends
Some n***as turn reptile, you can't blame the snakes
But one day you gonna k** a rat

[Verse 11]
From where the alley way get filled with
Car tires get filled with gats
Lights off
Get a candle
Strike a match

This is for my n***as and my memories
Screaming d**h to my enemies
Till these b**h n***as k** me
This is P90 Smooth
The real me
You gatta feel me

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