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Oshea (Battle Rapper) - Oshea vs Blizzard lyrics

[Round 1: Oshea]
Lad, I'm on that freestyle tip
I ridicule watch your mouth
And if you say anything about Liverpool MCs
Starky's gonna knock you the f** out
Yeah, and innuendo, stop begging it
Lad, you're out your league
You saw words like 'Fam' and 'Breeze', Scouser please
Be serious, huge shout out to Blizzard for taking this battle last minute
But Madness was fat, and you're not fat
So for this battle you're fat innit
You little fat prick
You're about to get murdered badly
With all those spots on your face you like every kid that works at Maccy's
This is role reversal lad, and I'll save you badly
[?] Purple Aki
I'm calling him a kid, but he's not that young
But he's got a problem, he'd better watch that tongue
Cos you'd think I was elephant hunting, the way I pop that trunk
And this is the God's honest truth
Last night, I had no sleep
But I'm not baad, because my baas go deep
Like a scuba-diving sheep
Yeah, whatever, terrible, terrible
When it comes to the most bad bars, Marlo and Shuffle-T
You can't f** with me
In your cup of tea
I'll spin you on your f**ing head like Booker-T
Listen lad, my car is bumble bee
Your car, is about this big and on the side it's got a little number three
Because you're a child
And I'm about to murder this kid
I let the mac go like I went to MacDonald's, and I just ordered a Big...
f** Bliz, I'm a better competitor
You little young twat, I'm ten steps ahead of you
Your bird's a slut always after the Roger, like Federer
Yeah, that wasn't very good
...And f**ing ending you (yeah I f**ed that up didn't I you little bell-end)
Yeah, yeah, f** Blizzard
If it came to a scrap, I'd give him a slap
Cos no one gives a f** - anyone can do this [imitates Blizzard] when they rap
You little Manc twat

[Round 1: Blizzard]
Yo, talking all them cliche metaphors, you'll get split in a sec
It's like you've got a telephone on your face, the way I'm wringing your neck
And you know that.. this don't make sense but I'm gonna merk you phat
And I know that everyone's gonna hype to all them words you spat
Especially the guy in that green 1980s curtain hat
So much for me retiring
Now I'm back and it feels inspiring
Walk into the arena, fighting
With the deepest rhyming at the speed of lightning
People see me and they see me and they see it's frightening
But when I hear you it makes me think I don't even like him
It's like, you had a bar that said 'I'm as scouse as Ken Dodd'
Mate, f**ing, that's queer
You don't live that f**ing fantasy you're about as scouse as Tranmere
And you can s** my f**ing sack if you ever say this stuff is wack
Your bird's got a f**ing afro on her spine she's bringing wooly back
And you're probably gonna say like 'Oh mate you just left middle school'
Or something like 'I'm the sickest tool from Liverpool'
But everyday you've just been eating gruel
Like Oliver Twist
If I hadn't rapped about you, you probably wouldn't exist
I don't even need to write bars
I just f**ing k** you with ease
And every day you go out to the Brookhouse you k** yourself with Es
I rep Manchester, you can boo me right now
f** it, boo me, I'm from Manchester, sue me
I don't care,I'll just k** you straight away
And he's taken me off what I'm saying
But that's okay 'cos I'm on stage and I'm not playing
So f** you Oshea
You rep Dick Limerick
You silly prick
What the f** is a Dick Limerick?
It's like some poetry out of your dick
That's some pretty ridicky sh**
You're like twenty five stone
From the knee down
If you threw him in the Hoover Dam
You could see from space and he'd be found
f** it, time

ListenI f**ing hate this prick
He said he wanted a freestyle battle, he just shouldn't have taken this
Listen, Blizzard, yesterday I got a phonecall off Bentlegs, he said the Madness battle is cancelled, who do you want to battle?
I said 'I don't care', I'm never fussed
Cos they call my guns the f**ing transport chocolate, the way my Double Deckers buss
I've been to his house
Never go there, because the whole place is stinking of feet
You know what they call me?
The Eskimo city man, the way I put those white bricks in the street
See I'm all about those punches
f** that Tai-Bo crap
Don't come around Liverpool acting Live-O lad
Cos even the walk to my house is crazy
I've got a psycho path
I put Blizzard in a box
Paul Bearer, Dick Limerick academy
That prick caused murders, so bring beef I'm begging you
I'm sick of horse burgers
I'm from Everton, I was born to scrap
Arnold Schwarzenegger, grenade launcher rap
I'll f** up your head, like you [?]
And forget Felix for your cat, I bought it smack
And forget all that clever stuff
I'm on that old school scouse back of the bus trap
That old school scouse Jerry Hill, tearing the moustache
Bring your little BMX, I'll jack both the wheels and the mudflaps
sh**, Oshea pack a three foot Tommy, like it's Rugrats
You little dumb twat
You and all your friends are arseholes
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Oshea does not rape women like Kenneth Barlow
I rape kids and Blizzard's next
I'll kick your chest
I spit the best
I freestyle from here to Inverness
Blizzard, I'll be honest, you're the best Britain's ever had
But your Mum's a slut and I hate your Dad

I'm an amazing battler, with crazy character
Pa**ion for days, you can't deflate my stamina
Daily traveller, you might be away in Malaga
I'll still put ballers away like Jamie Carragher
And you're probably gonna say Everton are better than Manchester
But Rooney and Moyes left for us so we must have been doing something right
You know what's more crazy than the eyes on Rowan Faith?
The fact that Oshea nearly had a track with Paloma Faith
Imagine this, Paloma Faith singing something that actually sounds dope
And then Oshea second verse starts rapping about coke
Like 'Mate, big up to Paloma, you know I'm a f**ing stoner
Work in Morrissons, I'm a forty a day smoker'
I'm so Manc, I listen to Oasis
You're so incestual if his sibling asked him to f** he wouldn't say 'Oh wait sis'
Listen man you know that Blizzard Don't Flop
I could've beat you spitting Everton bars in a Liverpool top
And still get the biggest of props, so what sh** have you got?
Trying to rap to me, you just look like you're doing a dance routine
To some f**ing wack jazzy beats, like 'Look at me, I'm mad as can be'
Stop taking coke, it's f**ing up your mind
And stop taking MKat and all the other things combined
Cos one day you'll go to the Brookie and no one will be there that you can find
Cos they'll all just see that you're f**ed in your mind
That didn't work did it? That didn't really work

[Round 3: Oshea]
Listen, you're rhyming gay, I'll knock you the f** out
Stop calling the Brookhouse the Brookie, you little f**ing... slout
Listen, lad
Blizzard, you're rhyming gay
You said I smoke forty ciggies, it's actually thirty nine a day
Yeah, I'm gunna be honest, this is a mirror this
Listen, my life is great
I love my girl, I love my son, and I'm not bothered about piling on weight
Outside the rap, I've still got every one of my original mate
And I am not a laughing stock when it comes to [?] down at Liverpool eight
Listen, every stage I'm on I rock it
I'll sock your eye socket
And if you had the best CD song collection you'd ever had
It'd have f**ing 5ive on it
Every stage I'm on I rock it
And people after this battle are gonna say it's f**ing murder one
Cos he got all up in my grill, and I just f**ing turned it on
You'll get burned like Meatloaf
Cos your f**ing mum looks like Meatloaf
Lad, you're the type of lad that wakes up in the morning and eats toast
Yeah, you are, you're like everyone else
Listen, see every battle I'm in, I'm going for gold
I ain't talking about food when I say you will get Toad In The Hole
Slow it down, I'll kick you in your arse you bell-end
Listen, you little Manc sh**, I'm on that freestyle tip
Forget preparing for bars
I admit, Man United are better than Everton
As a football fan, I swear that it's hard
But you can't deny that your fans are f**ing sh**houses compared to ours
See Blizzard, you're a bell-end
And your mum has got one leg
But we all call her a leg-end
Oshea is on the nicest rhymes
You know I spit it sickly
You've got a cap sponsored by your ma
Yeah that was piss poor
I spit raw, I'll kick your jaw
I'll kick your jaw from here to somewhere called Diggador
[Blizzard: Singapore?]
Singapore, that would have rhymed better
Lad, if you had a sweater on, it'd be a nice sweater
But you haven't got a sweater on, it's a t-shirt
You've got such straight legs you don't even know how your knees work
Your school that you went to, it needs work
Cos people who went to that school, eat dirt
Yeah, you can't f** with me, I've got the sicker flow
You can't f** with me, expensive giggolo
Yeah I'm freestyling
Couldn't be silent
f** with Oshea and you'll see police sirens
You won't see them you'll hear them, you little bell-end
Like I said before you've got one leg, you leg-end
Blizzard, you little prick, go

[Round 3: Blizzard]
Yo, what the f** is Oshea spitting here for?
He said he got crack for my cat, it was out of his Mrs' drawer
Cos your girl's a crackhead, that's why
f** Oshea, I don't care where you live or whether it's very dark
I don't care if you live in [?], [?] or Sefton Park
I don't care if you live in Sefton Park, like in the park
You f**ing homeless guy
Every time you see me rap you want to moan and cry
That's f**ing sad, just cry right now, just do it
[Oshea: I'm not gonna cry]
And he's not gonna cry, oh how embarra**ed am I?
I don't even need to look at you I could just rap at the sky
And still get more props than this average guy
Bif up Osh for taking a battle in twenty four hours
Big up me, the reason he has any power
Because without me here he wouldn't be rapping today
So for booing me I don't give a f** what you say
My name's Bradley Green, I play the tambourine
And when I'm broke I like to punch cash machines
And I'll punch your little average crappy spleen
And wait until you die
And for the record, you might think you've got some advantage that you're at your home crowd
Yeah, well who the f**'s at home now? [Jumps into crowd]

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