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Orlando Mclean - No Boundaries lyrics

No Boundaries
By Slim Nick

Feel like
I was put here for millions that wouldn't open they eyelids
And was stranded like civilians all on Gilligan's island
Proceed to defying the laws of gravity like an eagle flying
Try to reach to the top and still keep rising like soda shook up
My cup over runneth while saris and osiris overlook us
My painted thought is like secrets from the sacred ark
Embarked on this journey not only to make my mark
Know your role play your part from the start the been feeling him
For letting go like balloons that was filled up with helium
All the pain your keep within this the beginning of something lovely
Pop the bubbly if she got love for me I'm with honey just like a
Bubble bee
I keep a trunk of trees an elephant on interstates
My lines are what junkies inhale up off of dinner plates
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An image left in a picture frame is whats left way after my lyrics
Hit your brain
So nah we don't do things the same some do it just to get the fame
Some do it just to entertain i do it cause its in my veins like white
Blood cell
Try to keep me down but still i rise just like drug sales and the rate
Of crime
Undefined by my formal vines or the cars i drive feeding minds
With this food for thoughts got them forming line
Bring a horse to a pond but can't make em drink a pint everywhere
I go i shed a little light
Teach your mans how to fish he'll feed his family every night
For some life's a b**h and some just b**hing bout they life

Tern it up loud said tern it up loud
Said when you hear me on the radio the radio
When they play this on the radio just turn it up loud
Just turn it up loud

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