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Orlando Mclean - Attention All Ears lyrics

By Slim Nick

{Yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo}
From JA to U.S.A whats up New York all of my Yardys them
We gone break it down like this one time and one time only
Street Minds baby Slim Nick hear me out yo

Said gimme 15 minutes of fame still i wouldn't change be the same
n***a even if i seen my name bigger in them bright lights
Lane switching chain swinging like fists in fight night grades twisting
Sk**ed with the fingers as if i type write
But situations a'int changing still see precipitation banging on my
Window pane an
I think I'm going insane inside my mind is alway pacing chasing
Chicken got me thinking more money more altercation still calm
Like I'm on vacation contemplating our conversations usually
On getting this constant paper use that talent to see how far it can
Take us
I'm a custom to hater still we rose like smoke from Garcia vegas don't
Worry about it
If your mind a'int on business then laters what a'int k** us made us
Hunger was one of the fazes and the cages evade the silver bracelet
While racing to the top our just trying to make it cause this world
Is yours for the taking hurl them dice hope they don't turn to aces
Got a lawyer that faces trail without files an adjourn the cases
Just in case situations could turn flagrant as quick as the clouds
When its bout to be raining came to bring about changes instead
Of changing
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Meditate so deep that i could wake up levitating
On a higher elevation before i was ever blazing
Patiently i was waiting making greatness on the low
Fast or slow shorty shake it shorty shake it till that paper hit the
Get that doe sh** we all trying to make it out this hole
But its funny what people would do for that green piece of paper
Some still waiting for their acres an they mules

I remember when to use to be love peace and happiness
But now a days its guns weed money and ratchetnes
Ancestors turning in they graves would probably laugh at us
If they was alive still throw five on the canebus
I need to clear my mind been trying to find what the answer was
To if the real ruler is out of judah or from nazareth
The blind leads the blind the band wagon full of pa**enger
That uncles Sam drives and want to drag us out to attic
A keep sense for signs keep my state of mind lavender
My last O.B.E destination lied in Africa
This message from the akashic record i brought it back to your
Before the last ma**acre
Remain lost and become the main course
This sh** gets ugly when money becomes the main source
Theres multiple road that all lead to the same parts
That we trying to get to
But your smarts will play tricks on your heart and thats detrimental

You know what i mean real talk man i feel like this is what i'm here for i thank God for spearing my life the day of that accident
Your know we all hear for a reason and sometimes unexpected events like that could help you find you reasons
Said we royalty baby its time to wake up it no boundaries to what we could accomplish out here in these streets
Take it to an all time high Street Mind Slim Nick from JA to U.S.A say all of my yardys big up yourself right now ya zi me
Shout out to ma n***a Mad Maxs an PDK for mixing this sh** down you already know how we do {Laugh}

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