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Orlando Mclean - A Runaway lyrics

By Orland Mclean

Ya'll will get to know my name from all the lanes i adapt to
A'int just a rapper i feel like all they want is the fame
I get premonitions of change like Martin Luther King
Back when he was having dreams about letting the freedom rain
Sweet melodies i hum about catching the freedom train
The rail road is underground an it leads to the freedom land
If practice makes you perfect i'm never slipping on my slang
Cause it will be worth it when your finally doing your thing
We been putting this work an now watching it boomerang
This sh** deeper than verses just trying to get you to understand
Why theres a gun in my hand as i stand by this window
Thinking by any mean protect my kinfolks
I a'int guilty but cause i ran they looking for me in a country wide
Span just to see where i am or where i did go
This type of motivation keeps you moving with a limb gone
Like kunta youngen understood Mutabaruka
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Right then i knew before school he was my first tooter
Babylon want twenty one gun solute ya
Stay true from the begging we need more Nefertiti and Nanny of
The Maroon from out our women knowledge instilled in children
Less shot licking in the neighborhoods that i'm living in
Its the same predicament blocks away a'int sh** different
Conditioned by the words of Markus Garvey i was listening
An Gandhi taught me that peace and love conquers anything
Though they letting the semis ring want you shaking like gelatin
Dropping sh** like a pelican soon as the pressure settles in
But i got my mind on better thing before having a child
An presenting my bride with a wedding ring from the depth within
I'll represent for my people ever record spins
Resonating with we who still seeking they reparations
Heaven sent but can't act like i a'int never sin
From generation from generations they gone remember him
For this spoken art sit me in the front like Rosa Parks
On this journey were its hard as surgery on an open heart
We will all end up on gurneys play my role cause i know my part
Ought to get to know who we are thats word to Allah

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