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Orlando Brown - No Fear lyrics

I ain't never had a problem in my motherf**in' life
Never ever gon' a**ume that ain't nobody f**ed my wife
It's what ever to you p**y motha f**as rolling dice
Rip the heart from out you faggot rookie n***as sippin sprite
Father forgive me for k**ing them
Healing them
Cockin and peelin' them
Never been feeling them
f** it I'm drilling them cars
And dealin them wishin
They willin em
Mentally illin them
Ice grillin em
Milly vanilly
A milly, a million
Ritalin silly him
Jean Billy em
Fans stealin him
Taking in millions
Mich(ael), thrillin them
n***as - I'm k**ing them

f** Barako, bless Obama
k** my daddy, touch my mama
Lifes a b**h and so is Karma
If you snitch I'm bringing drama
Last of the Mohicans
Youngest living legend breathing
Shoot up you n***as this evening
Yo mama screaming like a new baby teething

f** the reason

Ham Im'a go
Damn Im'a blow
Bam n***a slam to the flo
Scram if you know
I'm that man of the ??
Ramming yo ho
Yes my plan is to show - damages those
Spam man, man eating foes
Jam yo family below
Y'all can't stand me, but do I give a f**? No!
Then Miami I go

n***a cut throat

Most you n***as be cowardly b**hes
I'm sick of you critics
You will never will get it
I'm thinking of b**hes
I brought me a ticket
Ma n***a I'm with it
They want it
I give it
Stay on my pivot
I'm f**in' terrific
Super prolific
Ball like I'm Riddick
Sorry I sh**ted
I shouldn't of did it
Hold me acquitted before you be lower than midgets

I'm a G the only thing on my mind is getting paid
Pay attention to p**y n***as calling it aces spade
Chop the bodies up then I rinse the blood off with lemonade
...called me up and told me they about to raid

Rats it go
Hats it go
Crack the flo(or)
Pack the dough
Slap the hoe
Ass control
My status quo
Baddest Flo
That you now
Radically, Radical
Magically, Magical
Crashing down on everybody else ???

I am the definition of being fed up with every ones' sh**
If you rapping you ain't me you a b**h
All you p**y n***as making me itch
He was hood now he changing his pitch
Come around real n***as ???
Pray to god they will never be rich

No motherf**ing fear
Only ambition here
Do what I must so my family forever clear
Cause I dedicate my blood, sweat and tears
If I I can just get my money and smile
Then i wouldn't be wilding
But i guess I'm 'pac's unborn child


If i die before I wake
I pray a haters soul you take
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God is gracious
He so great
He made yo a** participate
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of d**h I fear no evil
Daily I await to ??? obviously see through

f** the race of humanity
The camera slowly pans to me
As ratchet hoes dance for me
Living the devil's plan of greed
n***a you got a fam to feed
And a b**h that understands your needs
Making love romantically
Naked butts in a canopy
n***a testing the man in me
Driving me to insanity
C'mon you wan' rap with me
I'll make you a** an amputee
Check my dick annually
Feel my gangster philanthropy
A million angels dance with me
Though I'm deadly than cancer be
Feeling like they too my chance from me
f**ing up every plan for me
Had me panicking frantically
So now i take a stand form me

Can't you see when someone has had enough
Everyday for me is rough
And though I'm really f**ing tough
Loosin' up the f**ing cuffs
Gin and juice still in my cup
Shoot you p**y n***as up
Keep the dessert eagle tucked
f**ing b**hes in they butt
Andy Griffith, Tom and huck'
You n***as sh** out of luck
I will never give a f**

Once I was blind know I can see
And what did I find? delicacies
Nobody divinely better than me
Crack open they spine and sever the ???
Living in my prime you better believe
Waited until the time was better for me
To open my mind and mentally breathe
Hoping that my mom don't die in her sleep

I'ma creep

f** that
n***a bust back
Cut that
Got a slut that
Love to s** that
Butt fat
Its a must that
I kick facts
f** Mickey mouse if I'm too black
Tell Minnie mouse to s** my sack like raven did when she was black
When you hear that Rat-a-tat
I suggest you n***as scat

I'm the sh** mutha f**a
I know that you amazed
Digging ditches for p**y n***as that had me in a daze
Calling out all you rookie n***as that's out here getting paid
Holy spirit just over took me and now I'm in a rage

I do not give a f**
Will never will give a f**
If thy might ?pencil? up
Got a .. like a telephone blowing up
n***a I'm growing up
That's why I'm owning up
To sh** that I did when i wasn't that old enough
Living is cold enough
I didn't know enough
Know I am old enough
Mental control enough
You know my story, but nobody told enough

Break the bank
Hi hater
With the Lakers
In Jamaica
Baby maker
Planet shaker
Money raker
Know you n***as can't relate to how I'm living
You a patient
God forgive them while I'm living
? ?? sinnin
Holy father
I'm repenting
My revolver's name is Clinton, alcoholically relentless
Leaving busta n***as ??
In you faggot n***as ???
I been here and I'm the ill-est
Mutha f**a I'm the realest

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