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Orlando Brown - f** My Fame lyrics

Man I'm so sick of this sh**
Ay, bro, I just got a text from somebody talking bout some I'm on TMZ again
Talking bout some, I'm— I, NIGGA WHAT? MAN FUCK TMZ! f** Harvey and FUCK his whole staff! n***a I'm goin in, Lets do it!

[Verse 1]
I'm addicted to the fast lane
Living up to my last name, let the cash rain
Most of y'all n***as past lame
On a learjet, kickin back, n***a, Liu Kang
I'm a loose string full of pain, f** my fame
I need a bigger dick to f** all my enemies
Lit off the Hennessy, these n***as k**in me
Everyone billing me, family drilling me
Snitches revealing me, nobody feeling me
Sick and tired of the media lying on me
Never telling the truth
Paint a picture, televise it to you
I should load the Mack 11 and shoot
TMZ, this dedicated to you
Harvey gon' end up in his last suit
In a box, body facing the roof
For exploiting people's lives like it's cute
n***a I say what I wanna say, do what I wanna do
Your b**h think I'm cool, I f** her in front of you
Protege of George Clooney, n***a
Batcave like the Goonies, n***a
If I'm offending you, sue me, n***a
My life a feature film movie, n***a
Shoot a hollow tip through me, n***a
I'm Cooley High in the coop with Jigga
And I been a militant, diligent
Chiller print through the manilla tint
Kush blowing through the vent
Plus it's irrelevant, just bought a elephant
Might run for president, k** him he's heaven sent
Like Raven aborted my baby
Go crazy, insane, that's when they pay me
These hoes wanna lay me to radio play me
Critics don't slay me, just landed in Haiti
Collected 280 million, state me
f**in go crazy on stage in the stadium
Other schools money fill up the palladium
Hater a** n***as don't know what to say to him
How many n***as gon' snitch?
How many n***as main b**h done s**ed my dick?
How many n***as act rich?
How many n***as rap, but don't sound like this?
How many n***as ain't sh**?
How many n***as wanna bang but they ain't shoot sh**?
How many n***as ain't equipped?
All y'all n***as see me hop out the new foreign whip
f** a p**y n***a, f** a, f** a p**y n***a
Give a f** about your life, I give a f** about a p**y n***a
I'll get off in that a**, don't push me n***a
New 2Pac Swag, 2Goofy n***a
[Lyrics from: https:/**-my-fame.html]
Theirs is loose, my b**hes looser, n***a
Should've did a year like Lil Tunechi, n***a
When Instagram based off of them groupie n***as
I stay with the kush, I'm loopy n***a
All you n***as talking sh**, commit suicide quick
I'll pay for a b**h, broke n***as stay pissed
Die on my sh** list, I'm what the industry missed
Hope that I don't f** your b**h, motherf**er I'm the sh**!

Why, why?
Tell them that it's ratchet nature
Why, why, why?
Tell them that it's ratchet nature
They know I'm the sh**
In that phantom coop, getting dome from your b**h
Young living legend, I'ma forever stay rich
When I'm dead my family gon' be fighting for my chips

[Verse 2]
How was I supposed to know?
My favorite stripper was engaged to my bro
How was I supposed to know?
Little bad b**h, sliding down the pole
How was I supposed to know?
I didn't mean to hurt my brothers soul
How was I supposed to know?
She really should've let a n***a know

[Verse 3]
Oh, I'm so wasted on Patrón
And we flipped her all night long
She had a juicy coochie in those thongs
Hold up, bend that a** over
We can f** in my rover, on your knees
Hurry up, girl
You know what to do, 1, 2, 3
All of us, having fun f**ing you
She was down with the business
She f**ed the whole crew
If you was me, what would you do?
sh**, I pray to God
I wake up f**ing your b**h inside the Phantom Ghost
In the p**y, I be doing the most
b**hes scream like they got the holy ghost
Then I coast, they still rambling, pimps, they handle them
Hustling and scrambling, candles blow in the wind
I ain't for this hurt and pain
Tried to sell my name and they came for me
I pray to God, though life is hard
Gotta do it for Him, if I don't do it for me
f**boys tryna come for me
You gon' read the bottom of my Nike
Just do it, I don't jump, man
I load the clip with the pump I'm dumping
Born broke, now I'm really something
Now it's me that the fans bumping

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