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Orlando Brown - Eddie's Rap lyrics

It's history in the making, y'all . . . .
Follow me!
Believe you ain't never heard a young man,
That can blaze the track.
Ridiculous cat that can dribble behind his back.
Can't stop the dribble in my blood,
Can't nobody understand it.
But when you hear this track,
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I betcha I'm gonna see you dancing.
Just one shot is all I really need,
To break it to your ankles and make you wiggle your knees.
I'm guaranteed to make the nation wanna follow me.
I got the ladies like, Ooh, child, I need to breathe now
Watch Eddie as I hold it steady.
I'm Undercover Superstar, but y'all ain't ready.
The game is full of givings,
So I'm about to make y'all fillin'.
Take a piece of me and keep it,
May your world be ready!

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