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Organik - Press Release on Dizaster vs. Math Hoffa lyrics


First off, I'd like to apologize to anybody that attended BOLA5 for the level of immaturity from some of the KOTD artists. We at KOTD do not condone violence at our events nor find any outlet or excuse to find violence acceptable whatsoever. Our primary concern is and always will be the safety of our fans, artists and staff members

Although we are very grateful that nobody was injured, the unfortunate actions that took place during the last couple minutes of the event on Saturday have forced our hands to make many changes for the future of KOTD. After witnessing & reviewing the incident we have moved forward to lay down punishment for the actions of the KOTD affiliated artist, ‘Dizaster'. (Detailed Below)

In the process of this statement I'd like to take the time to clear Math Hoffa's name from this incident, as he was nothing more than a victim of violence. Math showed up to the venue politely, happy and ready to do his contracted work. Math has always been an easy and fun person to work with while performing over at KOTD. He's a professional and has always conducted himself as one underneath the KOTD banner. I applaud him for how he has handled this situation and would like personally apologize for him having been the victim of physical violence while present at a KOTD event

I am genuinely upset with how the incident was handled by the venue security & their overall presence at the event. Typically in Toronto, Los Angeles, Oakland, Calgary & Vancouver the security measures taken by the venue are usually considered a bit extreme. After watching the footage of the incident it is hard to even point out any of the venue security trying to get involved to break up the altercation. This is something that has come across as a major concern to us as a company. As stated, we take pride in the public's safety and would always like to ensure the safety of our fans. The venue is by law responsible for hiring any security for events on their premises. The event promoters are by law not allowed to have any choice or say on who is hired for the obvious reasons (allowing weapons in club. underage patrons etc). KingOfTheDot follows any and every safety precaution to the letter of the law in every territory we operate in and will continue to do so in the future


Dizaster will be held under a Lifetime Ban from KOTD. This Lifetime ban can be lifted into a Minimal 1 year suspension under the following conditions
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•A public apology towards Math Hoffa, KOTD & The fans of battle rap

• A $2500 Fine must be paid towards KOTD for damages

Over the course of the next year Dizaster's attitude and actions will be under review. If we do not feel the apology is genuine & followed through it will not be accepted and he will remain on a lifetime ban. This is not a case of having Dizaster back in KOTD but a case of taking the right steps forward in k**ing any sort of animosity these actions have brought upon battle rap as a culture

Battle rap is something we have all worked on as an outlet for our emotions.We are grown men and only expect those within the KOTD banner to act as such. Violence is and never will be acceptable. We have all worked too hard to get here and that includes the artists, the staff and the fans

For the sake of battle rap, lets move forward in the right direction


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