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Organik - Pat Stay vs Illmaculate (Title Match) lyrics

[Round 1: Illmaculate]
Man listen lil homie
Folks act like the outcome is already decided
Said I'll beat him anywhere but here like y'all really that bias
But I don't buy it cause this is nothing personal
No animosity or none of that
That's my man, after this we'll probably get drunk in fact
This might come as a shock but I f** with Pat
No? You just ain't gonna have my f**ing back from the jump
Well damn now I feel like your brother Pat
His bro got jumped over some sh** this clown provoked
Loyalty says blood's thicker than water
Betrayal says you can drown in both
Let's go, punches have his blood dropping by the liter
We ain't on the same plane now you flying with Aaliyah
sh**, last World Dom his b**h topped me in the theater
While you was home beating meat like Rocky in the freezer
Stick and jab Drago that swag sh** is corny
You just getting ga**ed…. throttle
Now you can filter that, paint a picture fans follow
But that sh** only works at home like an Instagram model
Somebody tell his b**h a** watch when he spits that verse
Or get his bag a** popped like the implant burst
Guarantee he'll make a short joke and the roof will blow
What's funny is you gotta look up to me
In battles you stoop as low as you can go
See the thing about being short: there's always room to grow
Like this ain't the Mac y'all used to know it's 2.0
Y'all ga**ed him… now his fuel is low
So for three verses I leave Earth like a UFO in cruise control
Remove your soul from your body
Your body gets used as coal
Remove your name from my hit list
A line through it like a music note
This the truth exposed the last line in Belushi's nose
The change in tides, the lunar pull when the moon is full
The rise, the fall, the star and the supernovas
The fire that destroys allowing something new to grow
So your d**h will be as beautiful
As the flowers at your funeral
Throw a shot then reload when the gun fire
You getting 3-0'd...I'm talking steamrolled, I'm a truck driver
This might be off base
But a swing make his knees fold like a sun visor
Funny he think's he's safe
Cause he never leaves home like the umpire
I know exactly the things you'll do
Down to the schemes he'll use
He'll belittle me and pinch my cheeks like "isn't he cute?"
But that's a distraction from the bars so you focus on our size
But see I know your tricks
That's just the left hand waving
Cause the right hand wrote some mediocre sh**
He uses his ma** to his advantage, it's a method he's devised
Rounds are full of power poses it's all misdirection as he hides
Take up more space
Displaying dominance in our perception but it's lies
Cause I'm an artist like Donatello
He's more like Raphael though; his only weapon is his size
Why you always look like you just ate some bomb a** food?
There's a little left on your upper lip and you want that too
Ol' lick lippin' slythery bastard, sh**'s a distraction
This motherf**er's hittin licks in the middle of matches
That sh**'s a distraction so let's play a drinking game called
"Take a sip from your gla**es
Every time he licks his lips while he's rapping"
Go ahead… at home and in the crowd try to keep your best count
He licks his lips under 5 times, I'll do 10 push ups before my next round… time!

[Round 1: Pat Stay]
You are not a man, you will never be a man
No woman on Earth will ever look at you as a man
Puny little loser...I have zero respect for dudes your size
Know what rhymes with dudes your size? Suicide
I would k** myself if I was as short as you
I'm like a motherf**ing dinosaur to you
There is no f**ing way I'd believe in God
You'd chop your micro dick off to be this tall
There's not a girl in the world that wants a guy your size
You have this forever
You try to lie and tell them your 5'5" like that's any better
If my girl spent the night at your house
I wouldn't even have an issue
I'd let her pop a molly and let her take a goddamn shower with you
You're always defensive
Because you figure people think you're a punk
You feel emasculated every time you get in a truck
You'll never be dominant to any of the women you f**
You have the body of a 12 year old and every inch of it s**s
Yuck...Illmaculate, lil flaccid dick
The feeling that you get when you hop out the shower and now you have to sh**
You see this control?
That's a power you can't be taught, it's a natural gift
So you can rap your a** off tonight
But the fact is what you'll never have is 'it'
See I know it ain't fair but the sh** ain't just about rhyme sk**s
And until y'all figure that out, you're another victim that I k**
See line for line you give me a run like suicide drills
Because your punches land
But they're just not as explosive as mine feel/field
The king give your spine chills
Look in my eyes I define real, I will
Clear this whole f**ing building like a fire drill
Double Glocks busting shots
Till they get so f**ing hot the iron peels
You a b**h you belong in high heels and a skirt
Like the sound when tires squeal
Welcome to my's pretty empty ain't it?
Freshly painted but she still needs some renovating
But I'm not just about to let you invade and redecorate it
I ain't got it all upstairs, you're welcome to rent the basement
You'll never beat me
I am not the one to lock horns with
Bite your f**ing head off on some Ozzy Ozbourne sh**
Right off the bat, walk past you and blow off your hat
Wipe your name right off the map like Yugoslavia
You can not see/Nazi Pat
Adolf/ate off his head already
Which Pat you want dawg?
We can go bar for bar like a pub crawl
Tell me which hand to play
Ambidextrous, unpredictable, crooked pin in a hand grenade
The loose SEAL/Lucille, like your grandma's name
I'm nice dawg!
And I do it so effortlessly
Wheelchair kid from South Park you ain't stepping to me/Timmy
The greatest, I'm talking about the universe like a mellow hippy
It's over, like if I let my b**h read my message history
Oh hell no
Oh hell no
Oh hell no, gimme my cell phone
Log back into Tinder, "Hellllllo"
Yo, what's Tinder gotta do with you?
Cause if I didn't have the chain I could've had a dope match
But I swiped it too quick and I'm pissed cause I can't go back
You're not a man, grow up

[Round 2: Illmaculate]
Yo, he said the wheelchair kid in South Park
Well I can outsmart every nerd or outlaw Derringer, out shot Larry Bird
k** him like Kenny cause each round bodies, that's South Park characters
You wanna say this is your hometown?
So it ain't fair, how?
Well speaking of renting the basement
Your style says you should be fist pumping there now
You could never do that
Dawg, for real...I don't care how big he is
I never felt no intimidation
Old Jersey Shore swag having a**, done got himself in a Situation
Dawg, if I had to pick two words that best describe you Pat
"Tribal Tat"
Look at 'em look at 'em
That Ed Hardy belt style of yours I'm way beyond, say I'm wrong
You are one Affliction shirt away from being a walking Jager bomb
Get a grip, you can't handle bars
I don't care if Pat is large
He can be the hugest dude on the battle card
That just means when I commit this homi'
I'ma get a bigger body like an Avatar
I said, I'm contraband on the block
You're not the champ you're a fraud
Ever since you got Organik to stop Charron from using Hallohan as a prop
Now, last title match, watch it back
sh** is weird, like if you can't handle that angle then switch careers
That's like the boxer before the fight saying, "Listen clear
Set some limits here. If I get backed in the corner, stop the bout, interfere
And whatever happens, he is not allowed to {​​​​​​​points to chin}​​​​​​​ hit me here."
That sh** exposed your inner fear, now I feel like I'm in the whip, switching gears
Switching lanes when I steer watching that battle in the mirror
Cause looking back it was closer than it appeared
And the way you lick your lips is weird
We seen your true colors when sabotaging Charron
How you expose others weaknesses while camouflaging your own
Like, he used to bully his opponents, that's the way that Pat one
But when he picked on Nils, I was taken back some
Then Calicoe pulled the same exact stunt, push his face, hat spun
And you ain't pay him back none
That was the first time we seen the Champ Kind like Anchorman one
Nah, you know what? f** that
You kept it professional, I respect it, I dig it
We all know Pat's a real dude cause he tells us every five minutes
I mean we get it!
We get it
But you know who don't have to say they a real motherf**er?
A real motherf**er
Ain't you the same cat that wet willy'd Jimmy and picked up meal motherf**er?
Then you in the ring with Calicoe and sh**'s getting real motherf**er
All of a sudden you want to be professional...for real motherf**er?
What you gon' do now?
Moonwalk with steel toed boots on
It's 2015, who the f** moonwalks and why you wearing steel toed boots dawg?
I mean, am I the only one who thinks this, I mean, what's next?
You gon' make sure your Sketchers tied before you Electric Slide?
That ain't swag Pat, that ain't swag
You little f**ing...little f**ing swaggot
I know you cheering Pat on, in fact y'all should be
And I can take that Ill Will like Smack won't book me
But you know what you have in common with Ca**ius boxing?
Getting your title stripped but it ain't the draft you dodging
It's these jabs I'm tossing
You think Pat gon' cook me?
It's like if you had the option to smash a broad
But had to ask Magic Johnson if he had a condom
You 'bout to pa** on p**y
Pat's all bully bully 'til Pat got bullied
His character switched poorly
Marvel vs Capcom Rookies, I'm past y'all
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Besides, how you scared of Corey and you like 6'5" even
I was on your side b**h, until I seen how he gets by cheating
Now try to calm me, I'm wilding out
Cause from the Clips I'm seeing I'm in Danja cause Chilla ain't the Only One that wins by scheming
And I know you write rebuttals, that sh**'s obvious to the fans
So talk about Charron or Calicoe if that sh** bothered you as a man

[Round 2: Pat Stay]
I heard that joke you made in your song bro
About how I'm slanging cards yo
My pockets on swoll', if not I was chopping ope
I don't know how you s**ers are so content with being dope
Happy as long as I have enough to spend on weed and smokes
See all these motherf**ers in battle rap got no money
I'm whipping a motherf**ing Cadillac on chrome 20's
You see them sh**s when it's sunny, psst, oh buddy
So I don't understand what the f** is so funny
I ride by you, you like, "Why you steal my hoe from me?"
I tell him, "Keep your head up" like your nose bloody
These dudes come to every event, broke, clothes bummy
A couple of you have even tried to borrow my deodorant from me
Real talk
Get a life
You've been done writing for me for like six months
I probably would've been too but I kept getting my dick s**ed
Every time I tried to come up with something clever I'd get distracted
In my 'Lac like, "b**h relax. Quit shuffling on my leather."
f** it, it's war though
Artillery under my wardrobe
Two arms out my torso like Goro
Mortal can't f** with me
Mortal Kombat, force so strong that you go through a wall faster than Raiden with a portal fatality
Rip your head off like I'm starting a lawn mower and the cord broke
I roar so loud I leave with a soar throat
Half horse like a Centaur, they about to put me in orange clothes
You don't have a fair chance
Grizzly strength, I'll murder you with my bare hands
Tear you apart, stuff you in a trunk
Head hang with the car like a balloon when you just get married
Then pop it like Mario Kart battle mode
Pattern so scattered
But no matter if they were wrote backwards they'd be the same sh** like a palindrome
You brought up sh** about Calicoe...that sh** was f**ing corny
I could've leveled him in a second flat but that's another story
Back to you
Beating you does nothing for me
You've been gunning for me, now the shots in the air
You got your warning, I told you I'm nothing to f** with
Should thank me for this chance you lucky you got this
This is what I call, turning nothing to something
Round 2...and I don't need no short jokes for this sh**
6'5" but my heart takes up most of that sh**
I won't even lie
It was only last week that I wrote for this sh**
But all my blood, sweat and tears was f**ing soaked in that sh**
If you held my pen, you could feel my f**ing pulse on that sh**
Sleeping giant wanted peace and quiet, now he's awoke and he's pissed
Wait hold up
I sound like an emotional b**h
Switch back to slick back, kick back the G.O.A.T. of this sh**
Ratchet b**h with a stick of gum
I'll smack ya lips
Bank of Montreal, if I could be mo' real/reel I would catch a fish
sh**, take notes, I promise you'll be better after this
You can rap your a** off 'Mac but what you lack is this
Cla** dismissed

[Round 3: Illmaculate]
He got fat on short notice
And Hollohan is mad 'bout it
Cause now Pat can't even fit in his old Klan outfit
Brilliant mind, sh** my pen design bending time
Got me feeling I'm in my prime like Nickle 9
Listen when he spit his rhyme
Stereo types intertwine within his lines his vision blind
I get it
You wanna put the "big" in "bigot" fine
Pick a side
You can say Pat is running his laps/lapse of judgement
Cause it's all about race when he finish lines
Rocking fur for survival, you get murdered by tribals
It's the Apache chief, Patty's weak
So far past his peak, Everest is basically at his feet
Damn, you'll get murdered by Night Wolf with an ax in each hand
Flick of my wrist have you stretched and aired out like a Japaneses fan
Maaaan, tell him to step his bar game up
This a cocktail umbrella to top shelf rum
You'll get clocked, bell rung
And after this match, I'll leave Pat on his back, that's a job well done
Next round, tell 'em how you feel
Tell 'em how feel Pat, how heavy lies the chain
Well I'm determined to go get it
Cause he feels weighed down by that crown and the burden that goes with it
He feels jaded, excused for having to claw for his just due
He's created this persona he can no longer live up to
Well what better way out?
Battle me for the chain, see part of you knew you'd lose
Part of you needs challenge to keep you sane
Cause part of you is still hungry but that's just seeming to fade
Cause part of you is what Charron want and that's the Pat we're seeing today
I got some questions
Why you ain't murdered nobody on your checklist?
What's gotten you your credit?
Why they make you the face of the league and the audience accept it?
All his battles are it's obvious I get it
They made you the face of the league since you never had a body to connect with
Calm down, calm down, you look nervous, you're cooler than that
It doesn't even matter dawg, cause at the end of the day they expected a cla**ic
Ain't expect that I'd head back with his head in a basket
But you reap what you sow and I'm the Reaper
So the shot don't need a vote for me to send it/Senate
You would think it's Rome when I seize his/Caesar's throne
Eat him 'til the meat and bone but have a nice a** life I keep it grown
You gon' leave alone
You a white trash wife you getting beat at home
You know what you gotta do to get a chance at the necklace?
To get a match with him, even if the fans requested it
You gotta practically battle everyone
You gotta spit your rounds for Bishop sooo Pat can edit 'em
You have to have a winning record
Rebuttals go through a submission method
Apply for dual citizenship, get accepted
And f**ing solve a Rubix Cube in 60 seconds
But all that is a secret
You even need his permission to use props, that would be cheating
And after all that, the only draw back of the weekend
Is I had to sign a contractual agreement to not actual beat him
Game's over for Pat
You knew the topic that I would take
I foreshadowed with Bender that i was eyeing the chain
Might be going overboard but I'm entitled to say
Either way, put us in the same boat Pat will/paddle get his tidal/title waved!
I told you they expected a cla**ic
Ain't expected I'd head back with his head in a basket
But me and titles? That's like bread and a sand which
Lettuce and salad, the selection of draft picks and professional status
I'm a motherf**ing legend to Patrick
Shouldn't have slept on me Pat
Now I'm putting you to sleep, this your head on a mattress
You counting sheep and last thing you see before that second pa**ing
Is my motherf**ing necklace flashing I'm already the champion!
Let's go!
New chain let's go!

[Round 3: Pat Stay]
You know I could've came through the exact same way a second ago but I need to speak to all y'all, okay? For real

The King Of The Dot
You know it gets pretty lonely on top of that mountain believe it or not
Little chips of rocks split and fall off the cliff as they drop
I get closer to the edge
A dude that was supposed to be my friend
Back stabbed me in return for half of the cash prize Drake said he'd put up for Charron if he wins
And what's funny about it
None of us got any money out it
Then I read on-line that Drake gives random stripper $20,000
And I've kept my mouth shut
But over time it felt pretty sh**ty man
But I'm still a Drizzy fan
He's a busy man he'll hit me when he can
I wear my heart on my sleeve, making myself very vulnerable
Which some consider soft but to the strong minded it's honorable
Always in some controversy
But that's what happens when you're such an aura
An icon, that the limelight shines on
I know what you're thinking, "Let's hear some bars Pat. What the f** are you doing?"
But this is my point
You can't say nothing to him cause there's nothing to him
Bro, those rumors about the Charron battle are lies I swear to God
But these are the things that people will do to knock you down from the top
Bro it's lonely up on that little cliff
Man, look at the type of sh** I deal with
Like the sh** you were talking about with Calicoe
We spent a weekend in the same hotel
Saw him a 100 times it was fine, the cameras come on, now we got beef
And I don't play that poking and yapping, I ain't no little kid
It's either zero or a hundred for me, real sh**
See I'll go zero to a hundred homie, real quick
But not on a platform I use to pay my bills with
If you knew my past you'd understand why I'm on some chill sh**
The things I've done to people would make you feel sick
So I refuse to go back to the old Pat and throw away everything that I've worked for
For some ignorant a**, sloppy drunk little b**h
So say what you want
What? He pushed my hat
"You were a punk", "All his goons were there, you were scared."
Yeah, 'Mac, if only YOU were there
Test me outside of a battle if anyone thinks I'm scared to fight
You should thank me cause if I did react, you wouldn't be here tonight
Everyone knows, me and the chain, we have a love/hate relationship
Cause even though I know I can always get someone better, I still chase the b**h
And everyone's question tonight was whether I even came to win
But forget that
Just acknowledge the sacrifice I made to say this sh**
Bro, I don't give a f** if you're a two time world champ
No what I have that's a lot cooler? Girl fans
After this battle rap event, you'll be chatting about the battle rap event
Where as I'm, more interested in other things like having s**
Bro, while you were stressing your f**ing a** off about winning this sh**
Psst, I was in the backseat of my 'Lac just f**ing the sh** out a b**h
f** you, and your crappy insignificant dick
Win or lose, you gotta go home and live with that sh**
So aye, if they elect you tonight, it's cool, I jump back
Plus, my next battle in London with Hollow Da Don will trump that
Aye, end of the day, you're 5'2", I'm 6'5"
Reporting from a bird's eye view...b**h, time

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