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Organik - Devils Rejects lyrics

[Verse 1: Rekless]
Yo it's Rek spittin' capital vices & cardinal sins
We'll barbecue ya noodle, while I'm f**in' ya b**h
So keep them lips sick or I'ma kidnap ya kids
Buffalo Bill style, and put some lotion on the skin
Or it gets the hose again
Miracle, Organik and Rekless
Here to saw ya f**in' head off with the gold plated necklace
Laughing when ya flesh rips, clappin' when your blood drips
Overlooking heaven with the weapon and a half spliff, that's it
Castrating f**ers with the rusty spoon
Satan, wait a minute, my rejections coming soon
Got my golden mask and chainsaw, give me a reason
Glowing lumberjack stomach with intestinal bleeding
Redrum, mutilation, rated R type of screening
Where the bad guys, don't die and you're the motherf**er screaming
No, you're not dreaming, I tormented the men and
The good and evil concept, I just can't comprehend it

[Chorus x2]
We the devils rejects, we rejected by the devil
The sons of sin, on the seven different levels
The lust, the greed, envy and the gluttony
The sloth, the pride and the wrath if you threaten me

[Verse 2: Organik]
Behold the devil, known to settle
Burning kids with molten metal
A reject, that eats flesh, out of a boiling kettle
Sadistic, Violent, f**ing nit wit
Crimp dick, Kobe Bryant, on some b**h sh**
I'll go f**in' cut a kid, it's time for the picnic
Slit wrist yes, like god, be my witness
I'm crazy, don't give a f** who is living
I'm abducting the woman, put them sluts in my prison
k** them, then I will f** all my victims
Stick my dick, where I cut the incisions
I in-vision, kids with their heads splitten
Rat bitten, holding dead kittens grinnin' on a f**ing d**h mission
My mind is all configured with no complications
But these operations leave my mind filled with thoughts of hatred
I'm offing patients for an occupation
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So get the name right b**h, It ain't Organik, call me Doctor Satan

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Miracle]
I did a line of coke with the devil and broke the ice
I rolled the dice and played poker twice with a poltergeist
The rope I tie around my motherf**in' throat is tight
I sold my life to own a King Cobra with an over bight
So s** a dick and go cut your wrist at your kitchen counter
Or I'ma k** you and f** your b**h, with your kids around her
Incinerate her and stick your kids in the refrigerator
Add a bit of flavor and that's what I'll have for dinner later
I start fires in public parks and my car tires are covered in barb wire
Call me Marc Myers
I force feed you with right hooks, until my arms tired
And have you hollering to the lord, like a large choir
What you know about going out with a girl? And you blow her house up
And tell her to go to hell and talk to no one else
And I believe in just leaving a body bleeding
A liter of blood leaking, a week in the mud, jesus

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4: Hollohan]
Yo, this murderous thug, writes his verses in blood drips
From the the vertical cunt to the wrist from the girls that I've f**ed
G O D you're my holy, you're either lucky she'll never know then
But you'll get a severed throat when you mess with the devils close friend
All I known was I was sick, poppin' holes in condom tips
Open the sarcophagus, toss you in and close the coffin lid
Thrown the offices, one man army with no accomplishments
That started my control, in my soul, where the monster lives
I went head to head with the devil, he said Hollohan
Was the sickest villain he'd ever met
I left my best friend with a severed neck
Then f**ed and molested his pregnant wife while she was still wearing the wedding dress
Unlicensed, after hour surgeon, deflower virgins
Power surging they found a person, bowels burst and wrapped in a shower curtain
And I was certain, when you see d**h, expect to meet d**h
It's Hollohan, AKA the f**in' devils reject

[Chorus x2]

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