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Organik - Daylyt vs Gjonaj lyrics

[Round 1: Daylyt]
I said as we ride this scene for the guy who created the high pitch scene
They said that my flow weaken
But they don't realize my perception is Inception
I told 'em (totem) to stop sleeping
I get a kick out of being awake
The world is my Jack when Quill scheming
You was gon' beat me?
They told you you was the weapon but the weapon was Inception
On that note you still dreaming
You had a whole lot of material in your mind to cave me in
Expecting these men will roll (mineral) with you cause you had a ton, no (tunnel)
Get your flow right, don't be rude B
Chris told (crystal) me you was cold (coal)
But you still gotta die man (diamond) from making the crumbs glow (crumble)
Do y'all get what I kinda meant (condiment)? Catch up (ketchup) to me
This time I'm rhyming in Amen-Ra mode
Look at son/sun glow, they buying every cold (binary code) bar I spit, that's why I'm up 1-0
I curl cats with world facts
Twirl tactics to make these girls quake
They like "Daylyt, is that you (statue)? At last (Atlas)
It's time for me to get the world back
The commodity, you the lottery at best
I don't pay attention to the sleep, I don't try to be the rest
When he go scheme it's Elohim, I gotta be the best
The lullaby k**er, I do not apply filler
I plan for the head [?] if I gotta die bigger
I can lose now, Organik's still gon' book me
He know in the future I'ma fry n***as
Punchline, punchline, set up to the mean ender
If I'ma shoot your mama, think Futurama, pa** me that machine Bender
My pride upping, I normally don't do call outs but let me try something
I was supposed to battle Robert at Blackout but he turned into the dumbest Pokemon in the world
What's that? Psyducking
He ducked how many times?
He's a queer prolly, like one, two, three
Do the Math b**h like here's Bonnie
This who y'all adore (a door) then I slice right through him like here's Johnny
First round is my light round and I rap as the black man choice
Come on spit the rest of your verse in that Batman voice

[Round 1: Gjonaj]
Look, first things first, I gotta warn Day
I know you like to dumb out, you're wild disrespectful every time that it counts
You wanna scrap Day? I'll stop right the f** now
It'll be a MASSacre, I'll knock 'Lyt/light the f** out!
Effortless, Genesis, but this time it's plain
I got a good right hand and a quick f**ing left that's a one night stand
I'm past punches
But since we on that subject, this dumb f**er wanna be blood brothers
Okay, let's see if the hands cut it
I'm never shook, but I feel like I was booked by both sides
sh** ain't just what it seems, Gully needed an easy win
Ganik played you for the league, I'm here to slow down your run
You're getting chased inside a dream
This b**h gon' be ugly as f**
(What that mean?)
I gotta take one for the team
I'm Gully repping I'm fully prepping a bully lesson
Who wouldn't question? The 40 dented sh** it left a good impression
I should've mentioned that the sh** with me
I slipped security a quick 50
The .38 snub, the b**h pretty
Think about it, the nose in my shirt like a b**h miss me
You're not listening
I had enough of the sh**
Son/sun come around once in a new moon but it doesn't eclipse
The fact you did some quickness and star collapse
Under the b**h, laid up in a ditch, in a black hole, where 'Lyt/light doesn't exist!
There's no escaping that ship sailed
I wait til the coast clear for three nights, broken light house
While your bay trying to sleep tightly
Tower over the b**h til I see/sea light/'Lyt
They might argue some antics (semantics) when he doesn't craft his lines
It's just your job not to say sh** like a pantomime
But I guess that's why they call you Daylyt/day light
He only shows up half the time!
But if they don't mind, how could I hold that against you?
I heard that you got a record deal Day, that's official
Now you going on tour with Hopsin...well that's an issue
Unless Hopsin hops in the casket with you!
Shame an ill mind had to die this way
Hideaway, meaning if it isn't hitting with critics there's a hidden image, under UV
You see me black, right? Despite your presence
Fans blinded by waves of lights, core spectrum
Shocked I can outshine your floor essence (florescence)
The pen is mightier than the sword, but I bet a gun could change some things
Aim the thing, bang the thing, lights/Lyt's all over the wall, I've seen Stranger Things
You gon' need light to talk to light, he a schizophrenic, get the medic
And I'ma use these next rounds to send a message

[Round 2: Daylyt]
I guarantee you nothing in your second verse will be better than this

I said, I got control over this win (wind) whether (weather) they like it or not
I'll pull the heart strings
I wouldn't let this kid slide next to a park swing
This who you been eyeing (Iron) Man, Tony Stark theme
You said you had a lot of k**s bro, you lying/lion it left you with Scar'red dreams
You gotta expect to get treated rough/ruff when you battling the bar king (barking)
This is a set up, let me talk to dog
That's your man's best friend? Word?
Well barking won't make you a...real hobby
Cause it do not scatter
Lil' Uzi to his do not matter
I address (a dress) with his moment but I ain't gotta go to prom
A line up every round perfectly this yo-yo time
I show you how to dance on a line, n***a it's go-go time
Deuce to the back of his head, that's a photo bomb

That's enough, time

[Round 2: Gjonaj]
I never second guess the price of a message
I openly accept the cost
Cause why allow doubt to enter to impact my second thoughts?
I was taught, "beware of the danger that you don't see."
To "never allow success or failure to mold me."
So many different vices I picked up in '03, a midlife crisis
I still have nightmares of the old me
But don't be fooled, thinking that maturity is a peace offering
I just found a way to balance lines with the street talking
Dodging loopholes with a tight rope, I don't need caution
I proceed crossing with my eyes closed, sleepwalking
I'm nocturnal, in the darkness I write my greatest sh**
So this is for every f**ing antic you hate he did
Every cla**ic he's ruined, you make 'em sick!
I'm the dying sports Make A Wish to coma patients
Waking up like, "What Day' is it?"
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Is it slave? Ski mask or take a sh**?
On every GZ, battling for free to make a move
On every single f**ing legend who paid their dues
Every fan who bought tickets or Pay Per View they should boo because they paid FOR YOU!
Now look at what you made me do
Should I keep it going?
Nah, this is tailor made for you against trash you wrote in a day or two
But you're who they picked to win in the building
And that's what k**s me
I'm aggravated, procrastinated, you'll get it later
Defibrillator; I didn't have the heart to say your pad repulsed me
See that's how you create shock value, not tattoos
The eighth level of Hell be gone, you'll need to respawn to re-Spawn
What more could he say?
I did this for more than the fame, more than the name, more than the pay
I put my soul in the art like Dorian Gray
Yet they paint me a demon
Da Vinci foreseen the ends near
They said I can't know, Van Gogh
My gift was my left ear (fear) inside
Of every MC's heart was a new problem
For a few thousand I'm mountains
Fortress Of Solitude
Soon as Davone stepped in there was divine intervention
I can't explain what I gotta do
If fans want the truth?

They not listening to the fire

The list of names of pen games [?] hidding
JC, Born and Danny are no longer ranked beside me
Tell Nitty, Chilla and Lux where they can find me
But I ain't forget about you...I just put this Day' behind me!
I finally realized I don't got sh** to prove
I'm bored with this bag, but don't get sh** confused
I'm misconstrued, I'ma still drag Day like I ain't got sh** to do

[Round 3: Daylyt]
Y'all was expecting his ship to sail
Well I'm all aboard still, but skip the piracy
When Tyrants meet, you oughta be bigger, the abyss to swallow sea
-Shells was just the policy for the gift we oughta be
The best we go, celestial, the myth, the prophecy
Let's lift astrology, who's the star who plain old song, just apology
The lift don't bother me, the speech impediment
Quick sedative for my epistemology
You done bumped into the wrong one
Let's be rational, you facing Mr. Outbreak
This Proactive-ly praise a priority
Perhaps, I will snap, these cats be chasing my story
When I'm building up to win, towering over these Ground Zero heroes
I'm bomb as the flight cutter, f** the second punch
When the first plane land, you better hope you alright (Wright) brother
See my mind gone, Gjonaj I've grown prone
To the cyclone, a different time zone
My mind's strong, think stick figure house, that was a line home (holmes)
Let's make a deal like I am Regis
The gat hit nothing but head (Butthead), I am Beavis
The said only the son of God can walk on water
{pours out his water bottle on the stage and steps to Gjonaj}
Look at my squad
Will we die? n***a no
Is we ride? n***a know
Look at the way he dress, is he fly? n***a no
You been fried, send him home
See I, fiend to blow
I let it sing to your dawg; B.I.N.G.O

And to top it off, Bingo was his name-o

[Round 3: Gjonaj]
Maaan, I wanna rap like that
I don't wanna hate I had to hate
The truth is lying on a stretcher, exaggerate
I'll grab the four, grab the eight
The b**hes clap together; patty cake, patty cake
That's how he rap dawg
In the third I/eye decided to see who's still conscious
Enlightened, in light- man f** all that garbage
Hi Day', think I give a f** if you try Day'?
I'll snap into a blind rage and knock out the next cock eyed f** who looks at me sideways
Mid stare, and explain the punch like, "See what I did there?"
That's disappearing out of thin air, yet fans still praise him like imagine if they did care
About anything other than getting bank
Get it straight, team captain, there's a reason why he picked the rank
Cause if I can pick opponents it's with a shank
Yo Gully thanks
But real sh**...were you f**ing drunk when you picked Bender?
I mean whatever, we all make mistakes
But my price went up, so if I cut a deal it's with a razor blade
Clips is like, "Guess what room I'm in!"
The kitchen you fat f**ing waste of space
Ayo The Saurus...nah I just hate your face
Close enough, so you can get smoked as soon as you're up for it like a wake and bake
I'm reckless, anyone can catch a bullet
Brett Farve I'm taking shots at Ganik's whole squad, except Marv
Cause he opened doors so Detroit k**ers can get it in
I k** better, Jabrill Peppers, there's so much I can do for Michigan
I knew I'd get a win
Don't act like I carried the team
I gave the orders inside chaos, there's no preparing for me
Just cause I'm a boss, don't mean I got interns running errands for me
They're all soldiers, taking turns, running airing for me
So welcome to war you shouldn't fight
But since no one volunteered, let me draft a scenario you wouldn't like
Surveillance team, have him followed like good advice
Operation Talented Mr. Ripley, they not only take his life they take his life
Then took his wife, over his dead body
Copy, cool, I shoot her after, two cadavers
You could have her, faster than you can answer
Would you rather be a f**ing human cancer or die knowing you never truly mattered?
Chew the laughter
Cause you're a f**ing attention whore, f**ing an attention whore
Ain't that a b**h?
What's more f**ed up? The fact that you both have a lisp
Or you told her it wasn't gay when you're s**ing a dick?
Oooh did he do it? Who gives a f**?
He did what he had to and I guess that's true
Because when no one gave a f** about his mediocre talent he got a tattoo
On his face, of all f**ing places to get it on
Hope battle rap money is enough to make a living on
Church, monastery, mosque, synagogue
That's acting a Chinese symbol for I'll...Never Get A Job"
God you're pathetic
Oooh, Davone are you proud of your message?
You used to be feared like Iron Mike 'til Buster Douglas knocked him out in the tenth and it's a shame
You could've went down as a legend
Good night

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