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To the kids out there, I'm sorry for the profanities
How can ya stay sane when you're losing your sanity?
I fought Yosamite Sam up on the canopy
So call me 'vain' coz I'm lost in a Vanity -
Unfair when I rhyme, I'll take up your time
I don't do it for the money, I do it for crime, coz I'm
A bad guy like a told ya, lyrics satirical, this miracle might scold ya!
I'm here to indulge ya so go ahead and take a seat
You know I'm a soldier, my machine gun's my beat
So when I knock-knock-knock, I ain't a creep, I'm just delivering pizza, man, these bars are for free
Feel free to tip me, though, yo a kid's gotta eat!
I might just creep up in your jeans while ya sleep!

(Ha ha!)

Scratchin' my arms, I'm already a chimp, so f**in' high, I'm already a blimp
I'm no regular guy, so in the blink of an eye you can find me hanging with the stars in the, - um ...
Lounge around all day like I got nothing to do
There ain't a cent in my bank, but I'm dank, that's nothing new
I'm at the top of the rank, I'll snap a pic of the view, coz I'm the pick of the bunch, Kid Enno, who the f** are you?
Get off my couch, I paid money for that!
Yo, Yeezy, AC/DC, where my summary at?
How f**in' easy is it, for me to write these kinda rhymes?
I'm here to tell you now, my sickness is lasting 3 lifetimes!
How ya feel? How ya all feeling?
Please don't speak to me equally when my mind is on the ceiling
Unpredictable like my syllables, un-k**able
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Gimme a mic and yeah I k**-em-all!
I tell 'em f** 'em if they critical, I'm mystical
But dis-lyrical, leave ya dead in a swimming pool!

And tell a motherf**er tryin' to hold me back, "write it down"
I'll chop-suey ya face, 'though this was China-Town!
What the f** you looking at, dawg? Quit peeking!
After hunnit' f**in' bandages, ya blood still seeping!
As previously stated, man, I'm increasingly hated
Hand in this song and get it graded, I made it myself
Always underestimated, never faded
So let these words make a world like a picture I painted
Coz that's S-to-the-Istine, nineteen, pristine
Life's all good till-;

'Who the f** is "Christine"?!'

Ahh f**, I shoulda' covered my tracks
The damn b**h tryna' see through the cracks, but this is me to the max'
But hey, I can read your mind!
'Finally a f**in' SoundCloud exclusively for sleek raps!'
So eat that! With my sickness, I'm coming to get ya
The Kid is on the way, prepare you a stretcher!
To break it to you man, though, I'd hate to be the one
So I'll leave it 'till the next track
f** it, I'm done!



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