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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - 4 1 4 1 lyrics

Four hundred miles in the snow; and we're still not there
One thousand scars in my soul; and I still don't care
Four million prayers must be told; for my mind to bare
One hundred knives in my back, and you still don't dare
Four thousand days in the sun, and we still don't burn
One million times we will die, and the world still turns.

Every fear is an eye to the soul
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Every scar is a part of the whole
There's no truth to set you free.

Four hundred nights, in the dark, and we still don't see
One thousand lives, must be lived; for our eyes to meet
Four million men, are conceived, for one king to be
One hundred times, I am slain, for my life to size
Four thousand loves will be lost, for the soul to learn
One million stars must be lit, for the world to burn.

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