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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - When We murdered the World on the Fourteenth of May lyrics

Let me carry your cross let me salvage your fate
Praise the rebel of siege and the rising of hate
Its the fourteenth of May and the birth of dissent
Let us offer our hopes to a war without end

Let me carry your cross to that place on the hill
To the city of nightmares where compa**ion was k**ed
Let me salvage your sins let me murder your dreams
Where the harvest still burns and the heavens still gleam

Let me salvage your sins let me foster pain
Its a marriage in hell for the blind and insane
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Hear the words of concern preach of freedom and peace
See the brotherly love that no eyes can perceive

Let me carry your dreams let me murder your hopes
Its the end of the world and the circle is closed
In the city of faith where two cultures collide
Little children still sing about hope and genocide

Let me carry your cross to the city of dreams
Where insanity reigns and the kings are deceased
Time will pa** and persist change will come with decay
When we murdered the world on the fourteenth of May

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