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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Sons & Daughters of Lilith and Cain lyrics

The mark of my father is carved in my flesh
A sign of damnation and heavenly incest
The children of pleasure delivered in pain
But crowned and defiled by the vile and insane

I am the daughter of Lilith and Cain
The whitest of devils the purest of grain
A serpent descendent from the brothels of hell
Conceived in the winter of lovers farewell

Let instincts repeal any morals and codes
So angels and demons can play with my soul
Let's live and decline at the brink of delight
In search of completion and moral defiance
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The lady of moonshine she lives in my veins
Where spirits of wisdom reside unconstrained
Please show me that pleasure is not what it seems
My life is my weapon I live un-conceived

The fires in heaven burn brightly for them
Who daggers embowel both time and again
The scars of my journey the signs that I bear
The sounding of trumpets proves that life isn't fair

The mark of my mother is carved in my flesh
A sign of salvation and heavenly conquest
The children of pleasure delivered in vain
We live and we die and we shall live again

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