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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - A Man Without War Is a Man Without Peace lyrics

Man without war, there's no life in your breath
You say you are free, but your spirit is dead
Brother of fools, all your comrades are gone
Through the pa**ing of life, you don't need anyone
Imbecile sister, your judgment is dead
Your soul is escaping, through a hole in your head
Man with no soul, your substance is gone
You no longer search, and look for the sun

Love me, defeat me, and fear me
Lust me, abuse me and smear me
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Choke me, provoke me and feed me
Kiss me, seduce me, abuse me and need me

Man without peace, we tried for so long
You said you could see, but your concepts are gone
Your skin made of marble, your hands made of ice
The hunger you quench, you pay with your life
Man without hope, a coin for your soul
The madness has come, and soon you'l implode
Imbecile sister, your soul was for sale
The honor you sheltered, now tasteless and frail

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