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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - 4 Roses, Iron Flames and Phoenix Falls lyrics

4 life I bring you moonshine
4 love I bring you pain
4 lust I bring you pleasure
4 roses I bring flame

The face of Christ is burning from the barren kiss of man
A woman dressed in carnage finds salvation in my hands
I fear myself in vengeance posing murder to relieve
Who shall comfort all them legion when its Cesar I conceive?

I have walked through love and fire I have come to be betrothed
With an angel dressed in roses made of ashes made of snow
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There are angels made of fire there are angels carved in wood
There are devils forged of silver there are devils forged of gold

We are soldiers of misfortune seeking salvage in the past
Once we marched towards the future now we stagger in the past
All the dreams we keep shall perish all the life we keep shall die
As the flaming bird of Phoenix falls extinguished from the sky

I withstand inside my circle in my fortress made of ash
I detain my bride in bondage dressed in stockings licked and lashed
We are legion we are neither we are ever bearing flames
To ignite the cross of iron and revive the iron flame

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