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Ordinary Psycho - Not Without A Fight lyrics

The world is floated
The share prices taking over
The idols swing our worship
Of fame and money and supreme they reign over us

But, not without a fight
That's not without good reason
Not without a cause
Not without pa**ion
Not without a wake-up call to the dictators of fashion
Or our liberty of faith, our culture an' our pride
And if we're gonna drown in the dumbing down
In the bunnall and the sh**e
It's not without a fight

Just where is it, exactly
That we're progressing to?
They say it's all about moving on
Well, yeah, but where to?

To genetically modify our people and our food
And an invitation to number 10 don't make Prince Andrew cool
It's something better
If of neglect
It does not die

But our anthem remains the same
We shout it from our heights
Enough is enough and if our nature be white
It's not without a fight

They carve up all our land
For middle England estates
And all our crummy towns
Are of the same make
We go on the radio
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They call us all Luddites
And the puppet's market forces
Are always bloody right
There's something better
If of neglect
It does not die

You condescend and put us down
We get oh, so, patronised
But we won't take your existence
No, not when we see our lives
No, not without a fight

No, there'll be no rest
No, we won't go away
No, we won't let go
No, we won't sit down
Nor will we stand for this
Or be pushed around

And here come the swords
Of the people ignored
A fragmented army
With a unifying cause
No cleansing, no cloning
No world of Stars and Stripes
No Federal Europe bureaucrats
No rip-off Britain tie
No more pointless wars
Communist cause
Or capitalist might
No, not without a fight
No, not without
Not without a fight
Not without
No, not without a fight

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