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OneMIKE - Still That Real lyrics

I know they waited long time for this sh** right here
Calm vibe from the kid right here
As a youngin same clothes in a different year, was the standard
So I hard to start switching gear, yeah
Now pretty woman by my side like I'm Richard Gere
Listen here, Piece of mind I was meant to share
Cause I can score at will, still I'm pa**ing the ball
Thats how you feel, when you used to not having it all
And even better when you don't need much
Bet my obsession for progression is why I don't sleep much
Now keep up
I seen life through a different lens, I seen time switch the best of friends
Im redefined through my diffidence
Even if I'm physically absent or live in a casket
This song will help revisit my pa**ion, envision the cla**ics
Far after I pa** ill be mentioned
Cause you will never die when you leave a lasting impression
I the game like a closing pitcher
Under pressure, won't crack like frozen rivers
Closed captions for the motion picture, quote the scripture
As Im....Ash n' Mary no Olsen sisters
I can challenge your disbelief , Do this sound like the kings speech
I wanna be one of the greatest from Maui to Sydney, be.....
Greater than Britain, haters been b**hin'
Bout the...Flow, and the way that I switch it
I been k**ing these records no pages in Guinness
Somebody told me selling out was the way to get listens
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But I just smile as I shake my head
Only my day ones around when I break my bread
Yo, Effortless we k**in cats In fact I'm sitting back
Future plans sound BIG like guerrilla black
Check it...Blue dream but its still real green
Make you break out Coffin (coughin' ) like a k** bill scene
I got , plenty sixteens for twenty 16
But sixteen was not enough I give em 20 at least
I call the albums mixtapes so you can get em for free
Instead cop a dub sack before pressing repeat
I learned a lot.... When I was far from humble
So many wrongs that I'm writing, swear my wrist got carpal tunnel
Still the problems cum and go like casual s**
I keep rappers in check, still I ain't rapping for checks
The best stories ever told , start with don't tell
Theres two types of people, thats What-ifs and Oh-wells
A sh**ty world when you think of ya problems
Some turds float to the top, others sink to the bottom
Yet it all gets flushed the same way at the end of the day
Im just praying looking up to the heavens and say...
Rest in paradise Guru the great
You brought much inspiration to the music I make
Still I....Make my own quotes, Relate to old folk
We still clambake the wip its hard to stay if you don't smoke
Shame on who...Think I didn't pay my do's
Foresee the future like Deja Vu
Cause some forgot how that real rap feels
Play this in a couple years bet its still that real, s**a

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