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OneHunnid - One Hunned (I Know) lyrics

[Verse 1: Cornelius West]

Our lives are panorama
So tired of being damaged
We barely know their names
They're just looking for advantage
We're just looking for some girls that overrate but understand us
Who will be there when we need them
Cause most girls up and vanish
Growing up with privilege, that was never my life
A home with a ballroom, living in the Highline
Basketball court or ballroom, it's the same thing
Living well and taking care of fam, that's the main thing
We rise and then we fall
Or we fall and rise after
Either way see your dreams if you close your eyes faster
This is just me
I did it with no cosign
I don't want problems, grudges, or no bovine
I work so hard to please you
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How could you not see that?
They tell you lies about me
But how could you believe that?
I don't want you to think that I'm anything but real
But real recognize so how am I supposed to feel?


[Verse 2: Cornelius West]

She's interested in spray tans and fake n***as
The type of n***as that make women say they hate n***as
Say n***a, I'm only talking the truth
So if you feel some type of way then I guess I'm talking to you
How am I supposed to be normal when I feel so different
How am I supposed to feel normal, even my keyboard different
I never had to shift keys to make capitol
I never thought my big dreams would be actual


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