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One who May Ascend (OMA) - Whadda Ya Want from Me lyrics

[Verse 1: One who May Ascend]
I don't know who the hell you think I am
But you'd better think again
And then answer, and sir? Yes? You've got some damn nerve
Whatever, Whatever indeed Whether you're a clever MC
Or a friend with ruffled feathers at me he, her, him, she
Or if you just think you're better than me
I said you're p**y
Can't you see in my eyes the flame saying
That I've got a prize to claim in my rise to fame
Why no, I won't deny the shame
All I ever wanted to be was me
That's how you succeed
But these folks can't do nothing for me
And always want something for free
So tell me what do you want from me?

[Hook: One who May Ascend]
What do you want from me?
Think what you want is for free?
Watch how you come at me
Or you can s** the D
What do you want, what do you want, what do you want from me?
What do you want, what do you want, what do you want from me?

[Verse 2: One who May Ascend]
I've been good man and what you been up to?
Ok then f** you
Damn, it's the truth after handing a mooch
A sandwich or food, they'll take advantage of you
And you don't want beef with me
I'd much rather be friendly
Share the love don't be stingy
Blowing emotions out of proportion like TNT
No! Don't make me say it again over this phone - it's AT&T
So no! I'm not calming down
I understand where you stand, but it's not common ground
If you say you're friendly teacher
Why'd you need a case against me I hate fake pretending
Trying to tell me I ain't attending
Cla** so I can't pa**? Go f** yourself a** hole
b**hes feel on me for “Spare rent” and still you're cocky
I don't carry Little Bills I'm not Bill Cosby's parents
And it's not Lord of the Rings thinking you will cross me
[Thou Shall not pa**] And if you do? well God's speed
Wait, I see a b**h now trying to pull a five finger discount
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But if I called the cops, I'd be a snitch
Well, just shout:

[Verse 3: One who May Ascend]
There's more to my pa**ion than words can explain
Who's the person to blame if I burst into flame?
Because certain people bring out the worst in people
And I'm just trying to find someplace where I belong
Yeah, I might be wrong
But every time I write these songs
It's highly likely that I write each wrong
And if I do choose to live like you who would I be?
What would I do? Whatever you have to say
I can't let you have your way
So listen to you is probably not something that I'm fixing to do
I don't give a mother f**
You must've mistook me for some other mug
No! Stop asking me, it's not happening
So s** it, I won't be your puppet;
I don't have a string attached to my butt crack
But that thing in between ding a ling?
Yeah, you can s** that and the nut sack
Shut the f** up mother f**er what do you want?

[Verse 4: One who May Ascend]
And if you're wondering why I'm like that?
It's because you're talking behind my back
Do I really look like a nincompoop?
It looks like you're in cahoots
I don't give a f** what you think of me
But you know damn well what I think of you
Is that me you're discussing? Think I'm just lucky?
Then you disgust me, the Truth is ugly
Because if you wanted this sh**, you'd come and get it
Take the fame an everything that comes with it
Don't even get me started it gets retarded
Ridiculously hard if you want me to trust in you, alright
But when you fail don't say I've got trust issues alright?
Because I've been betrayed by friendly ways and I busted you when I trusted you
I've done some things that I'm not proud of
Tough love situations I've got out of
Could have been just another drop-out bum
But I'd rather have dropped albums
And I've never been better as a trend setter
Like “Holy f** I'm blowing up”
Because you live only once but what the f** do you want?

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