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One who May Ascend (OMA) - Quarter Life Crisis lyrics

[Hook: One who May Ascend]
I'm running out of options, I'm running out of time
So tell me what to do, because I can't make up my mind
I'm running out of options, I'm running out of time
So tell me what to do, because I can't make up my mind

[Verse 1: One who May Ascend]
It's that feeling you feel when
sh** gets real since you didn't finish
That pesky paper work
Projects the boss checks, and you hate the jerk
But fell asleep in your messy desk seat and you're late for work
Alarm clock ringing your heart stopped beating
And you're not breathing
Your thoughts begin racing you cannot speak in…
But when in doubt, breathe in and out
Air goes in through the nose then out through the mouth
Works a k**er, but something we can't quite live without
And once you lose it, you can't get it back
Headaches got me feeling like dead weight zombie panic attacks
Red eyes and I haven't met my dead line
Before bed time I'll bet 5 billion beds been lost
Due to mind k**ing dead-end jobs
Hyperventilating like you're in the grave with Alzheimer's
Since your alls eyes are on fire from five or six all-nighters

[Verse 2: One who May Ascend]
I step in the shower
Hoping I don't have to take a test in hour
So I'm stressing out now because
I don't know, and I don't want to care
And if I took it now, well then I'd go unprepared
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With no underwear, no wonder we're
So unprepared
I don't even really know what I want to go wear
Is life worth living with so much unfairness?
And I was going to go where?
It's 10:30 but I'm not finna worry because I'm not in a hurry
I had a cla** at eight, as a matter of fact, I'm late
So I'm in a rush Oh! I missed the bus
So I missed my cla** why? oh…. Just because
Now It's my a** work at one? Aim for four
I was going to be on time but I ain't no more
“You've been late a lot lately” yes, I realize that
But that doesn't mean you've gotta
Make me feel like crap

[Verse 3: One who May Ascend]
Why am I taking cla**es against my will? Fear
But I'm still here what is my deal? Tears
Fall from my sh** face at a solemn quiet pace
How come life just tastes so dull?
My mind in a violet place;
If I slit my wrists wide open
With knives which slice in my throat ten
Times then died, then I don't have to go to school
Oh, yes you do – Really? Even when I'm soaked in
My own blood? Why? For what?
I only stink up the cla** here plus they seem to think a bit faster
While I'm on the brink of disaster
Where the border line is
This is a cautionary tale kids oft know very well;
The more your life is like this
The likelier you're going through a quarter life crisis

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