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One who May Ascend (OMA) - Comatoast lyrics

[Hook: One who May Ascend (OMA)]
It gets deep
If I put you in the mattress, sleep
That sh**s heat
If I put you in the mattress, sleep

[Verse 1: One who May Ascend (OMA)]
There's levels to this sh** homeboy
Play games all you want, but life is no toy
Tell me what really fills your souls void
You've got no choice
Generation ecstasy
Predetermined destiny, no voice
What doesn't k** you makes you stronger--no steroids
This isn't how I pictured the photos Polaroids
You've gotta lot of money, are you happy though?
Not saying you're happy broke
In comparison to those who lack C Notes
And lastly, hope
Is to have evil?
Is we know
Ask me though
Is my gra** green? No
For the most part
I'm just another man trying to mow his garden
And stay afloat in Noah's arc
Play his part like Mozart
Don't even mind me why? Because you know it's sharp
How do I find the patience
Inside the matrix
Would I ascend if I was brainless?
Inside there will always be conflict
Why worry about it when I can sleep on it?
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[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: One who May Ascend (OMA)]
This sh**'ll eat your soul
I seek control
I need to know
Another way to reach the globe
Searching for a piece of gold
All I see is coal
And the freezing snow
Didn't even know
It could be this cold
I need a coat
Wandering wherever my penis goes
To skeet in hoes
Make it quick while that p**y is soaked
Get me a boat
Cut the chitter chatter
I'm a young whipper snapper
Always beat the p**y up when the cat purrs
Hit her backwards
And in her bladder
When she's on top my dicks the ladder
She comes over, then cums after
I eat the booty like my favorite dish or platter
I don't think there is one fatter
It gets deep
Up sh**s creek
And always looks as if it's bleak
It gets risky

[Hook x2]

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