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One Take Dave - UFO lyrics

[Hook: One Take Dave]

In and outta traffic damn it I know my can't stand it a UFO
Can't see no signs on this whip give the E-brake a lift when I drift it's a UFO
Green mean go yellow mean hurry up man I guess it makes sense in a UFO
Dim the dash while I'm whippin don't really like illuminated lights in my vision when I'm in my UFO

[Verse 1: One Take Dave]

Do about 100 when I'm driving
Hit a bump we really gon' be flying
No I ain't drunk but I'm high and
You don't need to trip close ya eyelids
Just relax we get there quick fast in a hurry
Don't you worry I'm like curry with the stick shift
Whip whip everything I speed by look blurry can you hear me
Really like my sound up floating
Marvin Gaye on the playlist come live with me while I'm coasting
Let me take you away where every step you take its roses
What I mean is the pedal to the metal
Every time you hear them Trojans
Life or d**h girl I gotta stay focused
Cell phone rang asked for my ETA
Told 'em like a half when it's really like an hour
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Now I'm driving through the area like GTA
She woke up like "keep me safe"
Girl you know I got you
'Bout to roll through another little town cool she said she 'bout to roll up another its the loud too?
She like "what you think?"
What I think only Reggie allowed in my car through the tank
Now twist up the dank
Try to do it like them n***as can't
Green signs but I'm stuck in red light traffic
Open up the glove box girl get that matches
Pat down made realize I left my lighter in my blue jacket pocket
--I'm the bid now I got her laughing stop it
I'm the pilot hit the gas in the cockpit
Double clutch as we go dash to promise land
What am I saying

[Bridge: One Take Dave & ALEANA]

Praying for my traveling mercies
No weapon form against me shall hurt me
Right now it's nothing crazy but I'm praying on a Lamborghini mercy yes lord
In my UFO in my UFO you ain't the homie so you can't roll
(Repeat 2x)
Is you with it then girl lets go

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