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One Take Dave - Le Intro lyrics

[Intro: Bill Cosby]
Hi, this Bill Cosby
I'd like for you to pay close attention to this album
Because it's very important

[Verse 1: OneTakeDave]
On the road like i'm running cigarettes
Still ain't get a rest
Overnight fame k**ed the game
f** the internet, but I love it
Can't get enough of it
My champagne Maps, I need a gla** of that
I whip the champagne max, I need some gas in that
But I been feeling stressed out
And the homie got the best out
Slipped him a ten and said "Cuzzo pa** the pack"
Negative opinions keep 'em to yourself
Don't even want to hear it if it ain't gon' help
The smallest slither of light will brighten any dark time
I'm cashing those in for a piece of wealth
How many bad days equal a great one
How many times you scream you real even though you ain't one
Then scream louder about the fakes you hate huh?
Not seeing you the same one

[Verse 2: OneTakeDave]
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Made it to college was proud of myself
Father never bothered, Mom had it up on the shelf
One year up The Haven it was crazy reliving all of them moments they on loop like my belt
Cut cla**es a little short look another statistic
College ain't for everybody I need something different
But that's what all drop-outs say, isn't it?
You want 'em to love you because of your image
I want them to love me from scriptures I've written
Pictures I've painted boy these women be trippin'
Blowing me like Scott tissue get up off of my Disick
That's light
Appreciate you popping this disc in tonight
Call up a vixen, roll a spliff, sip some crys and get right
Or whip the kitchen I don't give if it's food or it's white
Do what you gotta do if you living your life
I'm meeting new people, seeing new things
I'm flying to shows
I pinch myself I swear it's a dream
I praise the Lord it's not
Hard work and dedication
Straight from a being that's not really patient but working at it
I used to pay for the studio now i'm working at it
They wanna copy the real 52nd street Birkin bag it
In the lab cutting up the track record work and stamp it
Finish the canvas my gift to the ma**es
It's lights camera action

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