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One Direction - Dirty mouth (feat. One Direction) lyrics

Intro: One Direction
I said can i take you home with me
Said i had a dirty mouth
I got a dirty mouth, i got a dirty mouth x2

Verse 1: Mike Baggz
Its not about you, and its not about me
Gotta think about each other you can hear my heart beat
When we mackin with each other and your head on my chest
And i whisper in your ear "yea baby you the best"
Uh uh i said baby you the best
You ain't gotta go to war cuz' you dealin' with a threat
I'm the bomb, bomb da bomb bomb da bomb diggy
The calm before the storm get along we all silly
Laugh cuz' you only live once
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And you wanna drink bud, and you wanna smoke blunts
And you party in the club and you shakin' your butt
And the fellas all gawking you gave em' enough uh
And the girls all hate, cuz' they there with there dates and they can't looking straight uh
And ya man walk in with a big big grin, and his hand on his chin like
Girl you be k**in' em', i mean anytime they holla you deadin' em'
But that's not irregular, cuz' you don't see no competitor
Fly, flashy, spiffy, cla**y not too shabby
But never trashy, they always ask me
How can that be we talkin, dirty she like it nasty ay'

Bridge: Mike Baggz
All the nasty things I'm thinkin'
I wanna see you work that body show me what im missin'
I'm just wishing that you would leave with-
Me after we get done in the club turn up for no reason

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