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One.Be.Lo (aka One Man Army) - Cały czas w grze! lyrics

[Verse 1: One Man Army]
I'm still in the game, still f**ing fame, I'm still the same
I didn't change, I'm still like the day that I came
I don't give a f** if you know my name
I play for those who carry blood, tears and pain
One, two [?] falling on you like snow flakes
Rhyme makes no mistakes, watch me
[Lyrics from: https:/]
I got design like Versacci
But only [?]
It's time to play the system game
So grab your weed, grab your gun and come on down
We gonna make this town know we are here
And no matter how they fail we stayin' here foreal
Yea, that's how we roll [Tekst - Rap Genius Polska]

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