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One-2 - Windows(freestyle) lyrics

f** Matt, uh-uh f** Matt Damon

She sirracha hotter than the nose of Al Pachino
Her body Sumer but her brain Machu Pichu
Treading on them empty waters
Trana reach them sons and daughters
Trana Tom it
Be the mission imposible hero
She wash she posh she moshta
I could not defeat the monster
Lost my honor betting fodder
People needed clothes and water
But i gave it all away for gold
For that ill never reach a heaven paved with gold
I could save my soul but im a little broke from paying satans toll
The main consoler makes his face emboldened when i can't go no
Further more but dont let me further bore ya
I came like the wind
Lighter than feathers afloat
I went to heaven and woke
Life is a show who is the star or your cast
I was two wearing a cast
I went to heaven and woke up a three year old miracle
Didn't eat milk with my cereal literal
Metaphors purposely minimal here me flow
Like a bra** or a river yo soul is mine
I cleaned it now here you go have it back
I know that its hard in this habitat
Thats why i restored all your mana back (gang)
No thank you is needed i pledge an allegiance to myself and god
God is on my side now
No girls allowed inside of my hideout
Bye now whoo
And im a tiger like im mixing up a
Mixed breeder MMA fighter how i go through
Im likin like a lycan im a likened to the titan im be clashin
Im the martian jason bourne em
Hunting good wills and im will smithin and im jaden to the morns son
The bourne ultimatum my identity is not departed and im not
Saving this n***a. private ryan
My elysium isnt on an island
I be in the sky like elysium
I be in the sky like elysium premium gasoline
In my bicycle though
Six minutes long the track gonna extend like my clip did
Or my dick did when i seen her tits rise
Uh uh uh uh
Diamonds are formed under pressure
And thats just how the song goes
I know a song called under pressure
And d white got the white flows
Like the c**aine i seen a picture of
Snapchat glistening
Cough cough cough
Something in my throat
It feels life a rock its probably the smoke
Cough cough
Hrmm cough
I must be illiterate cause i can't read
What does it say above human rights
I dont know what the human likes i just flow out my
Human illusion pipes i
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Spit my delusions and make some allusions inside of your head cause contusions
And somehow that brings me delight
And stairs dont bring me flight
And im still afraid of heights
Since a babe didn't know the pavement was getting paved for me way i was getting getting
Eating on them po boys dry
Sandwich goes awry
Throw it down i need the bread
Cash the check and now im peter pan
Cash the check and now im peter pan ugh
You see thats why it flows for six minutes you go for six minutes
Just try and get rhymes and maybe they get
Maybe they hit maybe they stick
And maybe they dont maybe youre weak
Maybe your flow just needs a little mystique
It needs some blueness or and maybe some red
And making purple like the pink hurricane and im rare
I mean i makin purple like lean
Im sippin im leanin on kickstands on my bicycle
Fill it up with premium i said that befo
I was gettin older now or older than
Or older before talkin to some older men
Trana get some wisdom from them
They told me not to hand out with my friends and just kick it with them kicking up game
So i been sittin in barber shops since a babe n***a
Spittin them flames i was drinkin pimp juice
When i was like 2
They didn't know but i was like you
But thats just how the story unfolds
The kings toll didn't know that you froze
Im frozen like the elsa didn't know you better uh
Respect your f**ing elders when my coldest win
Che Guevara n***as know im bout to step in farther than your mothaf**in daughter father and anybody else that you could think of in your family that was harder
They probably not they probably barter
But they probably hot and bothered when i copped the spot
I caught the drop im like a dairy farm
n***as know i bring the f**ing pain
Its very harmful like uhhh
Second hand smoke to a infants lungs n***a been that dope
Disney walt channel i waltz in an f** all them up
Oh i dont even f**ing like disney
These n***as looking like friendly
These n***as looking like mickey
They mouse i got that trap for em
These hoes is just cheese on a board
n***a turtle flays how you know i spit my game
Kicks on my feet white socks n***a with the gold toes for defeat
How i bring to enemies anything you step to me
You probably gone end up rest in peace
You probably gone need the recipe
You probably gone be like priness peach
Im bowser n***a know i f**ing bout ya n***a
Is it over was that really six minutes?
f** it
Josh didn't even give me no words to bust with
Hahahahaha wow nice i like that
Paws down
Thats good

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