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One-2 - The Armenian Cypher 2013 lyrics

One -2:

While big spendin
I spit venom at thick women
Dressed in ripped denim
Im stickin my dick in em

Conquerin line bright as the stars of orion
A warrior like spartacus
Heart larger then giants

Raisin an army defyin laws
And fighting for causes
For which your'll over dyin son
Im one of a kind its one

The young veteran
Ain't no one better then
Drug peddalin
Wanted for large embezzlements and

I smack a crib and kidnap em
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Then disappear inside a black Mclaren

C.O.B is the circle your gonna catch us wearin
We expand circumnavigators

Ahead of our time
Like premature infants
Given birth in incubators

Convicted felon
I split the melon
This spit just tell em
I drillin the hollow 9 mill in their cerebellum k** em

Head of my family like veeto

Goodfellow mafioso
With italian steelo

Even though Im Armenian
Put it down for my people
Stay grounded but lyrically you won't find the needles
Intravenous execution works I'm supplying a lethal

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