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One-2 - Not Afraid lyrics

[Hook: Demetrius Capone]
Its gona be some changes around here
We ain't afraid to say sh** around here
Who you think you f**in with
All you critics s**in dick
We the best to ever blaze it around here
(H-Hey Hey Heeey)
You finna give me this guap, I spit like Biggie and Pac
When I rock (H-Hey Hey Heeey)
But I aim for the top, before I aim and I pop
This hip-hop (H-Hey Hey Heeey)

[Verse 1: Julius Luciano]
We say what the f** we wanna say, we ain't cut like raw h**ne
Movin through this game, we travel like ball carryin
Savage, its barbarian
I'm Conan, I'ma k**a, dig a ditch for your raps, homie Im bar burying
Finna give the industry a shot, defibrillator keeps the sk**s alive
The underground's an incubator, last year the 3rd of november gave us a spark
Now we back for more, we at your door, like CENSUS takers
Yeah, Im never F'in afraid
In fact, remove the F in Afraid, yep it's A Raid
I hope you like doom, we come like typhoons
We tie fools, up, my type goon, your type coons
We tycoons, bosses, we all stand up n***as
I'm the truth, I don't even lie, down when I sleep, I stand up, n***a
If y'all don't applaud us we'll make you put your hands together like handcuffs, n***a!

[Verse 2: Kenny Siegal]
To speak my beliefs in ink what I think in believing
I rather not sit in them seats before preachers and deacons
f** no, I'm no atheist, I just don't need it when preachers
Speakin to me as if they know what I should be in believing
I'm not afraid of you n***as, won't be thick, come bring it
I'ma start speaking my piece, while I let my piece do the speaking
When I say I'm the truth, they probably can't believe me
Cause they can't see me, if it's a fact, seeing's believing
I'm stingy with a f**, cause I don't be giving it
If fear was a house, I would be homeless, cause I don't live in it
I'm livid, cause these b**hes need to switch they demeanor
Some hate optimism, I'll put you to sleep since you a dreamer
I got the right to boast about how I gettin my green up
Cause like shots that whistle from a pistol , I been through the ringer
You think you sick, as clear as crystal that this crew is meaner
You got issues with shoes? Allow me to present you a finger

[Verse 3: Dice Dinero]
All my n***as throw they hoods up, like they checking they engines
So I keep Wessons that'll do more to your flesh and just singe it
f** your life, I'll give you the gift of d**h in an instant
Then I'm exxin out whoever's on a quest to avenge it
I'll never get pissed tricked?? arrested or sentenced
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Leave the scene spotless, nothing left for forensics
My clips is extended, my mind there's no question it's missing
I'm sick and don't need second opinion
I'ma wrecking specialist, indefinite, excellent
Mic checkin professionist from a different dimension
I'ma bust like I'm s**ing a temptress
Once I raise my arms like a teacher that's checking attendance
I goes in, yo this cat goes hard
I'm so hard, you could call me the rap Mozart
And play like a car engine, and don't start
n***a, its harder to touch me like a cold heart

[Verse 4: Demetrius Capone]
Feeling myself and doing me, like I masturbate
Out for accolades, I'm the best I have to say
I'm surpa**ing your pa**ion like past rappers that pa**ed away
I'm the greatest, I was molded out of Ca**ius clay
I'm cut from another cloth, all y'all young motherf**as soft
Make no mistake, see this is rape, I break the f**in law
No protection when I'm going in, him? f**ing raw
Going in balls deep, on the track, f** you thought?
I chew and savor the booth's flavor, my tooth is saber
I don't mean Asian kids when I say euthanasia (youth in Asia)
That mean I supervise your suicide, brutalize
You and your crew when I utilize musical Muay Thai
Hakuna matata, cause I rhyme like I'm truly not afraid to save the rap game
From foolish auto-tune users, blaow now its just you and I
Slant the N and it's U-Z-I, you can die

[Verse 5: One-2]
Energy's serious, cause that kid's G, scares em wet
MC's hear this, just like Jet Li's Fila's
Cause I'm not afraid, I'm brave, wise guy, got it made
Me and my brigade are about to blow like a live grenade
We both swore we'd never stop til we gotten paid
I stayed with music, he chose the streets and we sided ways
Making fast money, consequences are hard
My relatives got life sentences for federal fraud
Pushing s** in the yard, I ain't forgetting you dog
It hurts me, on your birthday I'll get you a card
Collect calls, whats the word, yo I beat the addiction
Told the doctor to keep it cause I don't need the prescription
I'm recovered, loaded gun, and the bible on the cupboard
I've uttered a lot of words that probably made some people butt-hurt
If that's the case, then good, take it in blood
Painting graffiti on snail shells, I'm spraying a slug
Leaving haters with they face in the mud
I promised I'd never stop until I reach the top
I'm not afraid but money and fame ain't what they seem to be
I share my glory so you can live out your dreams through me


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