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One-2 - Machine Gun Rap Flow lyrics


Yeah, DJ Far, you know what it is it's your boi Crooked I, let me holla' at you one time man. Machine gun rap flow. Can I translate that to my goons. Tommy gun spit. This my new sh**. Treacherous a brand you can trust. Treacherous a brand you can trust. One-Deuce, ya, go get ‘em

[Verse 1: One-2]

See a n***a ‘mergin through the mist
You ain't never seen an emcee as true as this
Verbal one-eighty seven, murdering beats
Disturbing the peace like Ludacris
I stay fly like stewardess
Untouchable my flows outta reach
Profound and deep, it sounds unique
Put the clouds to sleep, have you counting sheep
The weak get no serenity, when I spit this venom my enemies
Get trapped and get clacked like Kennedy, with no remedy
Rap supernatural entity, mentally advanced, we expand like centipedes
But we ain't called and we hauling a**
Balling trying to stall and revolve this blast
Cause heart attacks, but when all these tracks
Stay all fresh like clothes in the laundry mat
Pimp, player, OG, ya I'm all of that
They thought the west was dead but we brought it back
Like defibrillators, we got everybody shocked
Inattentive navigator, when I pull up at the spot
Hopin' out with the necklace glowin'
So much ice you would think it's snowin'
I'm a thug you were b**hing, catch slugs if you snitchin'
It's like monsters, end of the club for the kitchen
Streets are waiting they're the ??? that comes itchin'
For some of that real sh**, kids love how I'm spitting this different
Above average, One's just savage
Grabbing the mic, and letting these punks have it
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Raw from my aura to my core
Got it in the back like groceries at the store
Keeping it real while most of these rappers are fake
Cause they don't ??? for soldiers like the Corps
Hit ‘em with the 4-5 hit, close minded
Get your prize, like clotheslines from ???
It's time for a knife if you ever try to ride of a friend of mine
I'm ready to die, stay steadily high
Post it up on the block, kids walk the street
Watching each second go by, some waste their lives
Others like me, dominate and rise
‘Cause One is a fighter, stunt like a biker
Get the crowd hyper
These rappers are raw for this sh** like a diaper
The type to, rip my spit like a viper
Fake emcees stay in the back row
They stole rap but we taking it back yo
Automatic machine gun rap flow
Stack dough, illegal income and Castro
Do whatever for cheddar with a Beretta
Head of the rest, representing treacherous
I can see it in their face that they hate it
I'm bout to be the first Caucasian that made it


With this machine gun rap flow
Machine gun brah brah
Machine gun rap flow
This is machine gun rap
Machine gun rap flow
Machine gun ratatat
Machine gun rap flow
This is machine gun rap, expand, One-Deuce, I'm a western conference all-star baby

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